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A fifth joins the Apple family

Illustration by Christina Xu

Ryan Flores, Staff Writer

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After months of rumors and anticipation, the iPhone 5 has finally been released, and it is aggressively cutting down the smartphone competition.

The excitement over the new phone has spread across Cal High, where the iPhone dominates student smartphones.

The new iPhone 5 has a four-inch screen that comes installed with the latest iPhone software, iOS 6.  It also has 200 new features, including taking pictures in panorama mode, ignoring a call with a pre-typed text message, and Apple’s own Map & Navigation application, which has been the target of much criticism.

Some students rushed to get their iPhone 5 by pre-ordering it so it was shipped right to their door.

“I’m excited for the newest technology and what it has to offer,” said senior Charlene Chew.

Because of the iPhone 5’s release, the previous generations are being sold significantly cheaper.  The 4S model is being offered for $99 and the 4 model for 99 cents with a contract with AT&T, Sprint or Verizon.

Both iPhones used to cost $99 to $399.  This benefits some students who can’t afford the iPhone 5, which starts at $199 for the 16GB model with a new two-year contract.

“I am not really excited for the iPhone 5, but I am for the iPhone 4S because it will be cheaper,” said senior Taylor Ricca.

There are other students who have waited a while to upgrade to the latest iPhone.

“I’m ecstatic because I’ll finally be caught up once again with people who have the iPhone 4S, but I’ll be the leader of the pack with the new iPhone 5!” said senior Kinzy Peguese, who pre-ordered the iPhone 5.

Another big change with the iPhone 5 is the newly created reversible dock connector called “Lightning,” which is 80 percent smaller than the old charger.

Some have concerns with the new connector, as it makes the iPhone 5 incompatible with all previous Apple products.

“I don’t like the new dock connector (charger) because I can’t charge my phone at friends’ houses, because they won’t have the iPhone 5,” said Peguese.

Additional new features include an aluminum enclosure that is 18 percent thinner than the previous iPhone 4S generation, and removal of the glass back.

The new A6 processor will make the iPhone 5 twice as fast as the iPhone 4S. Apple also put in a 1.2 megapixel front-facing camera that can record high definition videos, which will help get rid of some of those fuzzy front facing photos.

With the new change in screen size and going from glass to aluminum, the iPhone 5 has become more durable, making it less likely to suffer significant damage. But an aluminum enclosure can receive scratches and dents more easily.

Despite the general excitement there is over every new iPhone that comes out, some students are not swept up in the hype.

“I don’t really care about the iPhone 5 because it’s just like the iPhone 4S, except it’s bigger and thinner,” said junior Chase Weaver.

But the iPhone trend doesn’t seem to be going down anytime soon. Apple sold 5 million iPhones on its debut weekend, making the iPhone 5 its most successful phone.

With many students excited for this new phone, there is no stopping the domination of the iPhone at Cal.

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A fifth joins the Apple family