Former Wolf coach now Grizzly athletic director

by Sierra Rainbolt, staff writer

After 17 seasons as head football coach, Dave Kravitz’s resignation from San Ramon Valley High is a score for Cal.

Kravitz joined the Cal staff this summer looking for a new challenge and found just that.

In fact, he may have found a greater challenge than he anticipated after being named the new athletic director, as well as an assistant football coach.  As if that wasn’t enough, he also teaches World Geography.

Principal Mark Corti, who describes Kravitz as a good communicator said he knew he was the right person for the job as athletic director,  a position formerly held by Eileen Mantz for more than a year.

“I knew he was the right person for the job because he had great relationships with parents of the athletes and the athletes themselves,” said Corti.

Kravitz hopes to maintain a supportive role as the school’s athletic director.

“My main focus as athletic director is to create an environment of support, a support role for the coaches, student athletes, administration, and parents of the athletes,” said Kravitz.

Kravitz says he would like to steer Cal athletics in a positive direction and build upon what has already been established.

In addition, he is working on the relationship between Cal and other schools in the EBAL, as he believes this is always an issue.

Kravitz says one of his biggest jobs is tackling the issue of funding during the economic crisis. Cal’s athletic participation donations are down 20 percent this year.

Having coached football since 1985, Kravitz said after taking a year off in 2009, he was ready to get back into coaching and talked to Cal’s head coach Eric Billeci about the possibility of coaching at Cal.

Corti said his decision to hire Kravitz was influenced by Kravitz previous history in the district.

“Kravitz has been a successful coach so usually people who are successful have a good track record,” said Corti.

During his time as head coach of the Wolves, Kravitz developed some of the best prep quarterbacks in the EBAL, as well as many other players who have gone on to play at college level very successfully.

Starting quarterback senior Drew Reil puts his trust in coach Kravitz.

“He knows what he is doing,” said Drew.

Kravitz is considered among the top Bay Area football coaches and owns one of the best winning percentages of any prior head coach, and one of the best coaches in EBAL history.

He previously won two NCS titles, in 2004 and 2007, and has suffered only one losing season in 2006.

“Kravitz has great techniques and is one of the greatest coaches in California,” said Drew.

Perhaps Kravitz’s greatest legacy isn’t even about wins or losses, but rather the program and players he’s developed.

Corti believes Kravitz’s extensive experience from having coached multiple sports makes him an asset to Cal.

With Kravitz at the helm of Cal’s athletic program, “Go, Fight, Win” could become a reality week after week for Grizzly sports.