Bribes undermine hard-working students

Californian Staff, The voice of Cal High

The month of March means one thing for seniors: college decisions.  At any given moment students can be found either crying tears of joy or pain as the rejection and acceptance emails roll in. 

But there’s been something that made this season particularly frustrating. A truth has been revealed that most people were aware of but had never been legally confirmed until now. 

Many wealthy celebrities and executives have been exposed for allegedly bribing people to get their children into the college of their choice.

Selective colleges throughout the United States have promoted their mission that allow high achieving students to receive a world class education, a message that many high-schoolers have engraved onto their hearts and Calculus textbooks.

Students around the world have poured their life into applications for Ivy League schools and other top universities,  such as Stanford, UCLA and USC, with the hopes of fulfilling their dreams.

 But while many hardworking and capable seniors find themselves opening rejection emails, underqualified children of celebrities have allegedly been recruited into America’s most prestigious universities by bribing SAT proctors and even collegiate athletic coaches.  

The frustrating thing is that some of these student have made it clear that they couldn’t care less about college.

Everyone knew that wealthy families would pay thousands of dollars for college counseling or SAT prep. Some parents even made sizeable donations to the college before applying with the idea that this will help their children’s chances.

But the idea that some parents would pay up to $75,000 to have someone photoshop their kid’s face onto an athlete’s body and bribe a coach or even fake a disability is repulsive and downright egregious.

Actress Lori Loughlin and her fashion designer husband Mossimo Giannulli allegedly paid $500,000 to have their daughters, Olivia Jade and Isabella Rose, presented as rowers so the USC crew coach would recruit them. Neither girl actually rowed

This is especially ridiculous considering Jade has tweeted about how she doesn’t care about learning and that she is looking for a party school.  

One family even paid the absurd sum of $6.5 million to get their child into Stanford.  

It is disgusting how far some wealthy families would go to get their children into prestigious universities that will have no impact on their future.It’s clear they do this to boost their own social status.

But by doing this, these parents completely undermine all the hard work and time that thousands of deserving seniors put in only to have their spots stolen by these entitled, undeserving rich kids.