Sydney Cicchitto

Senior Nic Bronzini has proven to be a true Grizzly since he has worn orange every Thursday dating back to the third grade.

Nicolas Bronzini – Founder of “Orange Thursdays”

Twas third grade, and Bronzini had PE on Thursdays. He wore his orange shirt on those days because orange was his favorite color. From that year on, Bronzini always wore orange on Thursdays, and Orange Thursdays were born. It has been nine years since then and the tradition continues. “It has taught me discipline,” Bronzini said. Throughout the years many have tried to participate in Orange Thursdays, but there has been no one who has the same commitment that Bronzini does. 

“I just like doing it. One of the things I had to overcome was caring about what other people think of me,” Bronzini said. “They might think I look stupid in all orange, but I don’t care. It’s been a thing for a while and it just feels right when I wear it.” Let it be noted our last day of school is a Thursday.

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