Rebecca Newman

Each class has its own bone to pick with the pandemic

After the 2020-21 school year started online, there have been many perks exclusive to the high school experience that freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors are now missing out on.

The new high school experience for freshmen is anti-climatic

Asiyah Ally, News Editor

Since the start of middle school, high school has been the main topic for practically every student. Teachers constantly reminded students they were being prepared for this huge transition in their lives. In eighth grade, the regular reminder of high school also came up when former students returned to campus to catch up with their old teachers. There were even planned celebrations such as a...

It isn’t easy for the Class of 2023

Ridhi Goyal, Staff Writer

The modern Cal High students’ morning routine goes a little something like this: waking up to light filtering in through the window, brushing their teeth, rushing to grab something for breakfast, picking up their backpacks, and… dropping them right back on the floor. Why? Because students are not leaving their bedrooms and living rooms for school. Welcome to 2020. The coronavirus pandemic...

High school’s hardest year has become more challenging

Eli Mayerson, Sports Editor

When junior Sishir Katta sat down to choose his classes last year, he was as oblivious to the effects of the coronavirus pandemic as anyone. He knew junior year was the time to go all out, so he chose all five of his classes to be APs. Six months later, the ramifications of that choice are ones that nearly every junior can relate to. Many would argue that junior year is the most important academic...

Seniors are facing their final year of high school in quarantine

Tyler Lunn, Staff Writer

The graduating Class of 2021 has been put in a unique situation to say the least. Seniors at Cal High, and around the country, have been forced to contend with not only college applications and their last year in high school, but also a global pandemic. COVID-19 has turned this final year for many seniors upside down, and everyone is responding to the change in different ways. Online schooling...

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