PRO/CON: Did tech companies respond correctly to the Capitol riots?

PRO: Banning from social media platforms is warranted, though more regulations are needed

Shannah Saul, Staff Writer

In what is a fitting end to his presidency, Donald Trump has been banned from just about every major social media platform in existence.  Following a Twitter ban on Jan. 8, Trump has had posts and accounts related to him removed from major social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram. He’s also been from YouTube. Many people are concerned about their privacy rights and freedom of...

CON: Trump Twitter ban exposes lack of accountability for private firms

Garrett Allen, Staff Writer

On Jan. 8, 12 days before the end of his presidency, now former President Donald Trump was removed from social media platform Twitter for an apparent breach of the company’s terms of service.  This was made following the controversial protest on Jan. 6 that led to a breach of the Capitol and, eventually, violence. Twitter’s ban on Trump led to much controversy as many people felt the language...

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