Sydney Cicchitto

Senior Nic Bronzini has proven to be a true Grizzly since he has worn orange every Thursday dating back to the third grade.

Carl de Vera and Carter Soe – Boba Drinkers

“I like to think of boba as a mood booster,” Soe said. “It always puts me in a good mood no matter what situation I’m in, making it a perfect addition when hanging out with friends.” 

If you are unfamiliar with boba, both Soe and De Vera say you cannot go wrong with a jasmine green milk tea. And you should believe them because as of right now, De Vera and Soe’s record boba consumed in a day is four drinks. 

“Getting boba gives me the feeling of comfort because so many people like it and I can always grab boba with new people and make friends,” De Vera said. Bottoms up, boba boys.

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