Sydney Cicchitto

Senior Nic Bronzini has proven to be a true Grizzly since he has worn orange every Thursday dating back to the third grade.

Rithik Baral – Impressive Car Wrapper

For the 2021 holiday season, Baral wrapped his 2012 Honda Civic LX in wrapping paper. Yep, the whole thing. It was glorious. 

“The hardest part was probably the bumper because it has the most curves or the doors because the wrapping paper had to be completely flat or else [the wrapping paper] would fly off,” Baral said. 

To wrap the car, it took a lot of wrapping paper, tape, and eight hours of work. When his festively wrapped car made its big debut, everyone who spotted it in the parking lot was amazed. This was not Baral’s first time working on his car. Rumor has it, his car will be wrapped again next holiday season.

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