What should the school year of 2020-2021 mean for Cal High’s students?

Rebecca Newman

Cal needs to go back to full time learning

Shannah Saul, Staff Writer

To say the first quarter of online learning was a disaster is an understatement.  While some blame can be put on the quick onset of the coronavirus and school districts’ lack of preparation, there is no denying that computer learning doesn’t work as a whole.  Between students’ mental health, grading assignments, and how to assess knowledge and give feedback, it’s clear that full...

Hybrid learning is the middle ground

Sabrina Contreras, Co Managing Editor

One of the many things the coronavirus pandemic has taught me is this: I don’t hate school nearly as much as I led myself to believe. A week into online learning in mid-March had me missing school more than I thought was possible.  In a perfect world, I’d absolutely love to go back to school. I’d be able to see my friends and teachers that I have missed very much. But we are still in...

We should continue with online learning

Isaac Oronsky, Co Managing Editor

The United States set a single-day record of new coronavirus cases reported on June 24 with 38,115. The next day, that record was broken, with a national total of 39,327 new cases. The day after that, the record was broken yet again - this time surpassing 40,000 cases with a total of 44,702 cases reported, according to The Washington Post. The trend continued on June 27 with another record being ...

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