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One day history books will detail all of the unusual year that was 2020. The coronavirus pandemic obviously will headline the strangeness of the year.
One Year in Quarantine
How history books will look back on 2020?
Sami Tripasuri, Staff Writer • March 12, 2021

As the future generations peer into their history textbooks, a certain page will catch their attention. This one is different from the rest....

Technology received nearly 2/3rds of COVID-19 funding for the district.
District and site budgets reflect pandemic
Shravya Salem Sathish, Staff Writer • October 15, 2021

The focus of the district’s budgets has shifted during remote and in-person learning.  In March 2020, the state issued learning loss mitigation...

This map of Afghanistan shows what the country looked like on Aug. 15 when Kabul fell to the Taliban.
A short timeline of the Taliban takeover
October 15, 2021

After almost 20 years of war, American troops retreated from Afghanistan  in August, leaving the country under the control of the Taliban.  The...

Cal Highs leadership class has made adjustments to this years homecoming festivities, which have been moved up a month. The dance also will be outdoors because of COVID-19 precautions.
Homecoming is back... just a month earlier
September 12, 2021

Homecoming is coming a little earlier this year. In addition to being scheduled for next week - a month before it’s traditional late October...

Hollywood has become more inclusive but lighter skin tones are continuously chosen over darker skin.
Hollywood’s representation issue needs fixing
Melody Mulugeta, Staff Writer • October 15, 2021

Minority representation is a bone that actors, directors and viewers have picked for decades. Although our society has definitely evolved...

Members of BTS, who have a tradition of taking group photos at every concert, have not performed live since the COVID-19 pandemic hit in March 2020.
BTS ‘Map of the Soul’ tour cancelled
Anika Choudhary, Staff Writer • October 15, 2021

As performers of all kinds begin to start up tours and concerts again, all eyes are on the world’s biggest music group and the future of their...

Rapper DaBaby speaks with the media.
DaBaby bigoted HIV/AIDS comments spark controversy
Allison Cavanagh, Staff Writer • October 15, 2021

In a media-driven world, cancel culture is not something that lacks persistence.  Several music artists such as Tyler the Creator, Morgan...

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Senior Issue 2021
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