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The Official Student-Run Newspaper of California High School

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The Official Student-Run Newspaper of California High School

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Scanners accompanied by designated computers have been installed in classrooms for students to use to check into class.
New attendance scanners have mixed results
Vedant Desikamani and Ylin Zhu November 18, 2022

Cal High’s new ID scanners were implemented in October with the purpose of streamlining the attendance system. But...

Sophomore Pi Stephenson catches a softball. Stephenson started a foundation to sponsor girls who can’t afford to purchase the expensive gear needed to play the sport.
Softball player creates new opportunities for young girls
Sophia Liu, Staff Writer • November 18, 2022

Girls who have dreamed about playing softball locally can now discover their full potential thanks to Cal High sophomore Pi Stephenson’s Play...

A Cal High student exits the back parking lot in their car onto the traffic route.
Teens’ driving skills don’t have to be juvenile
Asiyah Ally, Social Media Team Member • November 18, 2022

Ever since senior Bonisha Maitra was hit by a teenage driver when she was little, she has been afraid to drive. Maitra recalled that her dad...

Junior Tyler Stevens (9) gets ready to take a shot against Granada for the mens water polo team.
Fall teams make short NCS runs
Ryan Wang and Vishwas Balla November 18, 2022

Many of Cal High’s fall sports teams had successful seasons that wrapped up with NCS playoff appearances....

Cal High’s baseball field has a lot of chewed up and uneven patches of grass on the infield that still require attention before tryouts in February. There’s also hilly terrain and a large pothole in center field.
Renovating Cal’s baseball field is long overdue
Carson Pfotenhauer, Staff Writer • November 18, 2022

With spring sports season just around the corner and the baseball diamond not in the best conditions, there are questions about what can be done...

New sports psychologist Maite Reece speaks to members of Cal High’s cross county team during a recent session in the library. Reece, the school’s first sports psychologist, worked with several teams this fall season.
Cal welcomes new sports psychologist
Marcus Chalasani and Andrew Chen November 18, 2022

The first part of Maite Reece’s job is to kick the coach out of the room. This may seem harsh, but Cal High’s new intern sports psychologist...

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