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Trump caps off four years of democratic backsliding by encouraging insurrection

Supporters of President Trump breached the U.S. Capitol building on Wednesday and wrecked havoc, disrupting Congress's  certification of Joe Biden's Electoral College victory. Five people died in the violent insurrection, including a Capitol police officer.
January 7, 2021

Words cannot adequately capture how we feel about the recent riot at the U.S. Capitol, though it is our duty to try. A terrible tragedy occurred on Wednesday at the Capitol building, where thousands...

Board makes right call by postponing hybrid learning

December 16, 2020

Like thousands of San Ramon Valley Unified School District community members, The Californian’s editorial board has been asking the question: Why are we going back to school? Luckily for our safety...

The Californian’s wish list for the new board of education

December 14, 2020

As we approach winter break and begin to look forward to a new (and hopefully much better) calendar year, it is time once again to look to the San Ramon Valley Unified School District Board of Education,...

Local government matters

October 30, 2020

With a historically important election just around the corner, the eyes of Americans have been fixated on their TVs and social media feeds, attentively watching the race between candidates President...

American pride has been perverted to fuel the anti-mask movement

Many anti mask activists have been seen protesting and causing disruptions throughout the nation.
October 6, 2020

With more than 7.45 million reported coronavirus cases in the United States as of early October, the world has been watching to see how the country with the highest number of reported COVID-19 cases has...

School board needs to get campus reopening right this time after the disaster of last summer’s decision-making process

The San Ramon Valley Unified School District Board of Education originally recommended students return to campus in August under a hybrid model, but then it was forced to reverse course and keep students away from campuses. The board is now reviewing the best way for students to return to campus later this school year.
September 28, 2020

With the San Ramon Valley Unified School District Board of Education scheduled to further explore how to safely reopen school campuses for more than 32,000 students and 3,500 employees beginning Tuesday...

Why are we still at school?

March 12, 2020

The San Ramon Unified School District announced the cancellation or postponement of out of school events on Wednesday because of the growing concerns associated with the novel coronavirus, COVID-19.  This...

Coronavirus can be China’s Chernobyl

February 11, 2020

The first case of the coronavirus, a highly contagious virus that can lead to lethal respiratory infections in humans, was first confirmed  in Wuhan, China in December 2019.  Today, the virus...

Political media distorts the truth

February 11, 2020

When news sources that we see as reliable become mouthpieces for those with an abundance of political power and wealth, it’s difficult for the average citizen to know the truth. An example of this...

Sex trafficking is a growing epidemic

December 18, 2019

In such a developed country as the United States, human trafficking shouldn’t be as big of a problem as it is. But the U.S. is known to be one of the most prevalent countries for forced sex labor, and...

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