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Hybrid students who returned to campus this week found they're spaced about six feet from their classmates.

Reflecting of my first days back

Californian editor in chief joins nearly 500 other Cal High hybrid students back on campus, but notices some safety protocols are not being followed as expected
Christine Oh, Co Editor-in-Chief March 19, 2021

Being on campus for the past two days felt like a fever dream—it didn’t feel real, but also oddly normal at the same time. It also felt incredibly heartwarming and I could tell that teachers were...

The San Ramon Police Department has used three officers for the Student Resource Officer program with district schools.

Keeping students safe means ending the SRO program

Nick Harvey March 12, 2021

As the COVID vaccine begins its national rollout, we are hopefully on the cusp of defeating a public health crisis and being able to return to a healthy school environment. But there is more to a healthy...

Paul Revere Elementary is one of many San Francisco schools being renamed due to historic controversy.

San Francisco School Board ignores historical facts in the decision to rename 44 schools

Tyler Lunn, Staff Writer March 10, 2021

San Francisco Unified School District voted on Jan. 27 to rename 44 of its schools. The specific reasoning for each renaming differed from school to school, but the overall goal of the initiative was to...

2021's Lunar New Year was celebrated in a starkly contrasting manner from the extravagant festivals from years past.

Attacks against the most vulnerable in the Asian community have increased during the Lunar New Year

Isabelle Coburn, Online Editor March 8, 2021

As preparation started for 2021’s Lunar New Year, I could see my mom becoming more and more on edge every time she came back from work in Oakland. As a caretaker for a 93-year-old Chinese lady living...

Many students taking AP tests this year have felt distraught after hearing that they will be taking the full AP tests after the many challenges a full school year of remote learning has brought.

AP test decision just another symptom of a larger U.S mentality

Staff Editorial March 4, 2021

The decision by the College Board to administer full-length AP tests is its most predictable move yet. It falls perfectly in line with the way Americans operate: learning to live with the problems in society...

Seniors give their take on the best classes at Cal

Shannah Saul and Jaida Baker, Staff Writers February 25, 2021

Second semester is well underway, which means it’s time for the annual class selection frenzy. To make things even more difficult, almost three quarters of students will have spent less than a full year...

Students need a break from the stress of online school.

A mental health day is definitely needed for students

Asiyah Ally, Staff Writer February 17, 2021

Mental health. I either just intrigued you, bored you, or scared you off. Mental health seems to be a touchy subject that everyone is talking about lately, especially those involved with high school students.  Many...

A letter to our readers

February 5, 2021

In an editorial titled “Voices who truly need to be heard about in-person learning are being drowned out” that was published on Feb. 3, The Californian made two factual errors.  The first was...

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