The Official Student-Run Newspaper of California High School

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The Official Student-Run Newspaper of California High School

The Californian

The Official Student-Run Newspaper of California High School

The Californian

Senior Issue 2024

Social Justice English teacher Eghosa Obaizamomwan Hamilton considers the next step in her teaching career.

Beloved teacher weighing her options

Shravya Salem Sathish, Opinions Editor May 31, 2024

As seniors move onto the next stage of their lives, English teacher Eghosa Obaizamomwan Hamilton may also bid farewell to the Cal High campus after 16 years. Hamilton currently teaches English 11 as well...

Seniors Maria Oetinger, left, and Anjali Ahuja are planning on going to Spain and Greece for college respectively.

Students take unconventional paths

Samantha Contreras, Co-Managing Editor May 31, 2024

With the school year coming to an end, the Class of 2024 is preparing for what’s to come after graduation. While many Cal High seniors plan to attend a four year college or a two year community college,...

Reflecting on leaving the US for college

Asiyah Ally, News Editor May 31, 2024

I’ve never had a specific university in mind. I’ve never had a dream school, and I’ve never known where I was going to end up. That was all fine until it was senior year and I had to decide. Suddenly,...

Vanderbilt University’s cost of attendance recently reached nearly $100,000 for students not receiving financial aid.

Class of ’24 faces historically competitive admissions

Shivani Phadnis, Staff Writer May 31, 2024

In recent years, college acceptance rates have seen a sharp decline, while tuition has gone through the roof. From 2015 to 2024, the acceptance rate for the eight Ivy League schools dropped considerably,...

Headline highlights from The Californian

Headline highlights from The Californian

Trisha Sarkar and Vishwas Balla May 31, 2024

Wildfires ravaging California as Gov. Newsom declares state of emergency (Aug. 24, 2020) This headline brings us back to the vivid orange skies that kicked off the Class of 2024’s freshman year. Despite...

Closing the Door on 2024

Andrew Ma and Aarav Manjunath May 31, 2024

Four years after our depressing, virtual eighth grade promotion, we’ve almost managed to graduate Cal High still standing. Yes, we have to stand because they bulldozed the bleachers just in time...

A senior bestows her hard-earned wisdom upon underclassmen in order to save their souls.

Senior share secrets to success

Audrey Goddard and Celine Leung May 31, 2024

As another school year draws to a close, many Cal High seniors are reflecting about what they could have done differently during their high school careers. Here are some tips and tricks underclassmen...

A Cal High senior satisfiedly admires their schedule, which gives them no work whatsover.

How to get the laziest senior schedule

Jordan Vereen, Staff Writer May 31, 2024

As this year comes to a close, I find myself not caring about my day’s schedule. Yes, gone are the days of worrying about what next year will bring. There once was a time where I feared what would happen...

From left to right, seniors Vibha Hari, Samiya Phadtare, Mahima Chaudhary, and Arushi Saurabh enjoy the sand at Poplar Beach. Beach destinations rank third on our list.

A poetically accurate senior trip ranking

Hallie Chong and Anika Choudhary May 31, 2024

As senior year comes to an end, we can finally be released from the senioritis that infected our once joyous souls as we look forward to our post high school plans. Graduation, summer, college, and, most...

Senior pranks over the years vary in severity, ones being more dangerous than others.

The history of Senior Pranks

Melissa Nguyen, Staff Writer May 31, 2024

Senior traditions have always been around for decades, especially senior pranks.  But here’s the question: Is it time to put them to rest, or are they already dead? For a long time, senior pranks...

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