Welcome to the social life of the average teen

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Welcome to the social life of the average teen

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In high school, students tend to hang with a group of people for different reasons. Call them what you will- group, crew, clique, team- for one reason or another, they like them.

These groups may have common goals, or similar interests. Whatever makes these groups hang with each other, they all diversify the school.


Their love for singing, and the fact that they are in the choir, is what brings this group of friends together. Senior Courtney Glickman and her friends all hang out during lunch in room 219. Their clique has about 10 members and they’re mostly choir students.

“It was easy to connect,” said Glickman when asked why they all hang together.

Another member from their clique is senior Harry Fiebelman who is also a member of choir. Fiebelman also feels like the group of friends get along great and have great chemistry.


Another group on campus hangs in the library during lunch and after school. This group has around five people and they all play video games. Juniors Armand Tirado, Aidan Tirado and their group of friends all play games. “We enjoy and really connect over the games we play,”said Tirado.

One of the cliques biggest games right now is “League of Legends.” They play this game online with each other. The group of friends also do other gamer activities together. Tirado and his clique also find joy playing online with Xboxlive.

The group spends most of their time playing different games. Also they are all a part of the gamers club. “We’re just a normal group of friends who enjoy playing games,” said Tirado.


One group on campus is a group of friends all in band. Junior Ryan Pratt, leader of the drumline and member of the band clique, feels he has a close group of  friends. “The band  is more like a family than just friends,” said Pratt.

The friends support each other both on and off the field. The members lean on each other for support like a family, whether it’s for a band competition or for anything else.

They enjoy jamming together on guitar, piano, tuba, drums and just about any other instrument. Their cliques have all grade levels. The groups of friends hang around outside of school, but during school you can find them all eating together by the band room.

  Andrew’s Group

This last group on campus is my favorite because it’s my own. My clique has seven students, mostly transfers. One of the best things about my group is the fact that most of us are new to the San Ramon school district. I feel that since we haven’t all grown up together, it’s cool that we can offer different backgrounds.

I find my group of friends very easy to get along with. One of the main reasons I chose this clique is because when I first came to Cal I connected with this group mostly because I felt I could relate to them on many different levels.

Although I feel cliques can divide the student body, I also feel it can bring it together. With cliques students are able to join others groups and make friends quickly.

A person may not fit in with everyone, but I feel Cal has many various cliques people can try to connect with or join.