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Cal High should be recycling paper waste

Michelle Kuperman, Staff Writer

May 30, 2018

From classroom assignments to school newspapers, paper is everywhere at Cal High, but it all eventually ends up in the same place: landfills.  The catchy saying “reduce, reuse, recycle” is sadly not coming into play on Cal’s campus beyond bottles and cans. Students often receive paper ...

Should California be split into three states?, No

Aidan Trejo, Staff Writer

May 30, 2018

The talks of splitting California into multiple states is nothing new, but after billionaire Tim Draper collected more than 600,000 signatures last fall, the possibility seems more likely than ever.  With the rise of Silicon Valley, the Golden State has become the fifth largest economy in th...

Should California be split into three states?, YES

Luca Dickten, Staff Writer

May 30, 2018

This November, Californian voters will be presented with the important decision of whether to split the state into three completely separate states.  The two points that exemplify the need to divide California are more accurate political representation and a fair division of California’s reso...

Remembering Columbine

April 27, 2018

Last Friday, there were walkouts at schools across the nation to remember the Columbine High School shooting 19 years later, and to continue to bring light to the issue of gun control. Columbine is often regarded as the instigating factor in the fight for gun control. Despite being such an impactful...

National anthem video response is insufficient

April 27, 2018

In order to solve the issue of whether the national anthem should be played at rallies, the school leadership has decided to bring it down to a vote.  Last week, a video was played presenting the opinions of two students from two opposing sides of the argument. It was meant to inform the stude...

Should school districts arm teachers?

Michael Barry and Luca Dickten

April 27, 2018

YES -  Michael Barry While the gun debate is swirling over to ban so-called assault weapons, a group of people have begun pushing for all teachers to be armed. While I don’t agree that every teacher should have a gun, I do feel that it is absurd that some states, such as California, h...

Teaching minority history will encourage change

Siena Sharpe, Staff Writer

April 27, 2018

A lot of students are angered and disheartened when learning one-sided curriculum in history classes, especially when they’re a part of a minority group.  Many minorities underrepresented in history textbooks and curriculum include African-Americans, Latinos, Native Americans, members of the ...

Students are leaders in gun violence debate

March 16, 2018

Gun violence has taken the center stage of news within these past couple of years. Each story brings its share of passionate debates and distasteful rhetoric.  A commonality all  these stories share is that they are from the voices of adults.  It has not been until recently that...

Gender neutral dress code a positive step

March 16, 2018

Often times, when we refer to the school dress code, there are stricter restrictions placed upon girls than boys.  The rationale for this discrepancy is often explained to be that clothing that is deemed provocative for women is distracting to others. It often seems like legs, midriffs, and...

More minorities in lead roles

More minorities in lead roles

Holden Curtis, Staff Writer

March 14, 2018

If you were to flip through the pages of a comic book today, you would quickly find that a majority of the heroes inside these pages are as white as the speech bubbles from which they speak.  This becomes only more apparent as the phenomenon of superhero blockbusters continues to grow. With nearly...