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Texas abortion bill sparks controversy

Staff Editorials, The Voice of California High School

May 2, 2019

Ever since abortions became a plausible “plan c” for unexpected pregnancies, the debate regarding Pro-Life vs Pro-Choice has been a hot-button issue. More recently, the controversial debate has reached a boiling point.  Earlier this year, Texas Republican Representative Tony Tinderholt proposed a ...

Flag confiscation creates controversy

Flag confiscation creates controversy

Austin Hille, Editor In Chief

November 21, 2014

Is it within a student’s First Amendment rights to display a Confederate flag on a public school campus? Controversy swirled about this subject last month when two senior boys, both of whom are not being named for fear of retaliation, drove onto the Cal High campus with Confederate flags mounted...

U.S. puts controversies aside in Sochi

U.S. puts controversies aside in Sochi

Sydney Finkel, Staff Writer

February 28, 2014

Every four years, all of the world’s greatest athletes gather in one city to compete against other nations to try and win the highest medal possible. The 22nd Winter Olympics has recently passed, with America making a successful visit. With the games in Sochi, Russia, just ending with Sunday’s...