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Cal history teachers reflect on the storming of the Capitol

Riots raise concerns over the future of the country
Sienna Morgan, Staff Writer February 5, 2021

A massive crowd of Trump supporters shocked the world on Jan. 6 by storming the Capitol, impacting not only those who were back in Washington, D.C. but Americans across the country. Looking back on...

Although Bay Area residents can only read and watch the news about the Capitol riots in Washington, D.C., the incident still greatly impacts Bay Area residents more than 2,800 miles away.

Why the Capitol Hill riots matter to youth 3,000 miles away

Ridhi Goyal , Staff Writer February 5, 2021

Sophomore Ayaan Karan began his fourth-period class on Jan. 6 like any other: logging into class, muting his mic, and tuning out a rather boring lecture as he scrolled through Twitter. But just a few...

Many teachers promoted discussion of the Capitol riots during and after they happened on Jan. 6.

Teachers adjust lessons, discussion to address historic moment

Christine Oh and Nima Pendar February 5, 2021

To add to the stress of learning and teaching on an online format because of COVID-19, both students and teachers faced another unprecedented event on Jan. 6, when the Capitol was breached by a group of...

From the Capitol riot to a pair of impeachments, a lot of has happened over the past four years while Donald Trump was the 45th president.

A timeline of the Trump presidency

Nimisa Panda, Staff Writer February 5, 2021

The 45th president of the United States, Donald J. Trump, officially left office on Jan. 20. To recap his presidency, The Californian has put together a timeline of some of the major events that occurred...

There were a lot of false narratives about the Jan. 6 Capitol riots, and events surrounding the incident.

Facts vs. myth of what happened during storming of the Capitol

Shannah Saul, Staff Writer February 5, 2021

The world was stunned on Jan. 6 as pro-Trump rioters stormed the U.S. Capitol Building in an act of violent insurrection.  What has followed since the event is the speedy unraveling of Trump’s...

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