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The evolution of geekdom

What was once unorthodox is now mainstream – geeks are taking over Cal High
October 16, 2018

High school was once a cliquey place.  There were the jocks,  art kids, mean girls, and geeks. The geeks, with taped glasses and backpacks overflowing with papers, sat on the stairs playing...

Nerdy games are cool again

D&D uses various dice, from four-sided to 20-sided die.
D&D, Magic: The Gathering experience a resurgence among students and staff
October 16, 2018

Any true self-professed “nerd” is familiar with the predecessors of all geeky games: “Dungeons and Dragons” and “Magic: The Gathering.”  Despite the popularity of the games decades...

Get ready to roll for initiative with Cal High’s nerdiest teachers

October 16, 2018

Action figures are scattered on a large desk and across the windowsill. Posters decorate the walls with artwork of literary references and fantasy. A Harry Potter mug resides on the desk as well, containing...

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