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Should teachers be vaccinated for schools to open safely?

Numa Patel, Guest Writer April 30, 2021

One particular question has raised many controversial discussions between school administrators, teachers, health officials, and members of the general public about reopening schools: Is it vital that...

Serenity like no other

Sammy Minoza, Guest Writer March 12, 2021

As any artist can attest, the hardest thing to do is saying the most with the least. Understanding how to make every brush stroke count, to make each musical note punch greater than the five before...

Many important global issues are of little concern to Americans because they dont directly affect them.

What really is activism?

Sammy Minioza, Guest Writer February 3, 2021

One of the most important parts of being a citizen of any nation is the recognition of the problems currently facing its people. But it feels as if increasingly the ideas propagated online by teens, specifically...

Sing for All to Hear

Sammy Minoza, Guest Writer February 3, 2021

It’s not often that an artist is given the opportunity to present a masterpiece. We are only ever given one magnum opus, only one climax that defines their narrative; and to have the rare privilege...

Cal High choir students performed virtually on Sunday at the Celebration of Christmas performance.

Remote learning affects arts and other hands-on classes

Numa Patel, Guest Writer December 18, 2020

Choir. Band. Ceramics. How do these hands-on classes work in an online format?  Classes such as English and math are arguably easier to transition to remote learning, but this is not the case for...

Keep One Eye Open

Sammy Minioza, Guest Writer December 16, 2020

Fear: one of the most primal and visceral emotions of the human mind. Yet compared to all other emotions, it seems so rarely explored in music. Often set aside to the underground, or buried in avant-garde...

Can society survive social media?

Samuel Minioza, Guest Writer November 16, 2020

Political opinions are difficult to discuss in the current cultural climate of America because of the rampant stubbornness on either end of the political spectrum. Social media has only served to inflame...

The focus of the nation has recently been on the issues of illegal immigrants. but legal migrants also deserve to be addressed.

Needs of legal immigrants ignored

Siddhant Gupta, Managing Editor December 18, 2018

Sept. 11 should not be politicized

Amir Udler, Guest Writer October 2, 2017

As the founder of two new clubs on campus that are conservative in nature, my fellow officers and I were prepared for pushback in a school that leans heavily toward the left.  That was the reason...

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