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Online schooling has brought out a whole different side of us

Adapting to remote learning has been a challenge for all of us, but some people have chosen to cope in unique ways...
Unfortunately, the side shouldn't always be shown on Zoom and Google Meets
November 4, 2020

Google Meet and Zoom recently faced some new security features from the district to keep unwarranted that happened earlier in the year out of classes. Those changes may be working, but they’re not...

How exactly do I run a mile inside my house?

Remember when PE was interactive and with other students? Now during remote learning, elementary school students like Maxwell Gerbracht get to shoot hoops by themselves while their teachers watch through a computer screen. High schoolers watch video workouts through the PLT4M fitness app and perform exercises.
P.E. students and staff are adapting to physical education through a screen
October 9, 2020

PE is looking quite different this year with all courses being online.  The switch to virtual PE became official in July after the San Ramon Valley Unified School District Board of Education voted...

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