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Attacks on media are attacks on freedom

Attacks on media are attacks on freedom

Gina Wu, Editor in Chief

November 15, 2018

A journalist’s murder is the prelude to a war on freedom. Saudi Arabian journalist Jamal Khashoggi entered the consulate in Istanbul on Oct. 2 to obtain his marriage documents. Instead, he was gruesomely tortured, killed, and dismembered by a group of 15 Saudi assassins. Khashoggi, a contributing...

Politicians must catch up with new media

Staff Editorial

March 10, 2015

Social media has shaped a large part of our generation. We’re never without our phones and we’re constantly posting anything to our social media accounts. We can gather information at a faster pace, and this has changed the way that people receive information as a whole.Ask a crowd of teenagers...

Should new Wi-Fi allow social media?

Should new Wi-Fi allow social media?

Arman Taffazoli and Sam Gershik

January 16, 2014

YES Every year, incoming freshmen in the age of smart-devices make logging on to the school district’s Wi-Fi part of their initiation to high school. Starting in the Fall of 2013 semester, the password to “SRVUSD-GUEST” was changed and the new network “SRVUSD-BYOD” (anagram for Brin...

Schools monitoring students’ social media

Schools monitoring students’ social media

Stephany Kim, Freelance Writer

November 22, 2013

In response to the increasing number of students reportedly bullied online, school administrators nationwide are beginning to monitor their students on various social media sites. And they’re bringing out the big guns to do it. In September, Glendale Unified School District near Los Angeles told...