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How exactly do I run a mile inside my house?

Remember when PE was interactive and with other students? Now during remote learning, elementary school students like Maxwell Gerbracht get to shoot hoops by themselves while their teachers watch through a computer screen. High schoolers watch video workouts through the PLT4M fitness app and perform exercises.
P.E. students and staff are adapting to physical education through a screen
October 9, 2020

PE is looking quite different this year with all courses being online.  The switch to virtual PE became official in July after the San Ramon Valley Unified School District Board of Education voted...

Teachers adjust to online school

JP Singh has taught his Honors Precalculus, Accelerated Algebra II, and AP Calculus BC classes from his living room since Cal High resorted to remote teaching in mid-March.
Cal High staff are working to resolve issues raised by virtual classes
September 30, 2020

As Cal High’s student body and staff returned to an irregular start of the school year, a consensus formed among the teachers and most agree on one point: online school can be a real pain.  There...

AP testing raises concerns for students

Last spring, all AP students took their tests from home because of the coronavirus pandemic.
Errors and retakes from last year’s exam have students doubting the College Board
September 30, 2020

When senior Thomas Files signed up to take five AP tests last May, he had no clue what was in store for him. Instead of taking just five tests like he expected, he was forced to take a total of 10 tests...

What is Cal’s leadership doing during quarantine?

Class works to bring the school experience to students amidst the pandemic
September 30, 2020

More than a month into the new school year, leadership already has planned new and exciting events during quarantine. From virtual rallies to a unique twist on the homecoming parade, students in Cal...

District rethinks recording virtual classes

Despite some benefits of recording virtual classes, teachers are not allowed to do this because it violates the California State Education Code.
Legal issues prevent teachers from recording students during Zoom, Google Meet
September 30, 2020

After a week of allowing teachers to record online classes to monitor their students, the district backpedaled and announced that this practice is no longer permitted because of legal issues. In the...

Clubs go virtual

Clubs posted flyers online to attract students during the school's first virtual Club Faire on Sept. 23.
Despite schooling online, clubs still trying to connect students while at home
September 30, 2020

Club Faire is usually a lunchtime event filled with yelling, bright posters, and clubs rallying potential members.  This chaotic atmosphere has come to be expected every September when students...

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