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The Official Student-Run Newspaper of California High School

The Californian

The Official Student-Run Newspaper of California High School

The Californian

Senior Baiyu Zhu solves a problem on a board in the AP Environmental Science classroom. Zhu is part of the US National Physics Team and is president of Cal’s Physics Club.

Baiyu Zhu competes in physics

Rebbeca Haghnegahdar and Cameron Ho December 19, 2022

Like most high school students, senior Baiyu Zhu’s participation in physics started as a way to build his college resume. But his passion for the subject quickly led to him qualifying for the US National...

New principal Demetrius Ball waves to the crowd during Cal’s annual homecoming parade.

New principal gets the ball rolling

Lexi Broughton and Saachi Sharma October 13, 2022

From his beginnings of playing college football to then serving in the Army, now-educator Demetrius Ball is getting the ball rolling for 2022-23 as Cal High’s newly appointed principal. Although many...

Corporal Maricela Bracamonte patrols campus in her SRO uniform during break at Cal High.

School Resource Officer assigned to Cal

Mansi Swaminathan, Features Editor October 13, 2022

Cal High has upgraded from sharing one School Resource Officer (SRO) with Dougherty Valley High to having its very own on campus this year. The San Ramon police force’s new addition, Corporal Maricela...

Positive psychology class hosts food packing event

Cameron Ho, Staff Writer October 13, 2022

The positive psychology class is hosting a Kids Against Hunger event for volunteers to help package meals for Ukraine, Haiti and San Jose on Nov. 9. Senior Michael Vass, who is in the positive psychology...

Firefighters and police investigate the scene last Friday after the fire was put out by history teacher Daniel Sweetnam.

Students start garbage can fire

Sami Tripasuri, co-Editor-in-Chief May 27, 2022

As history teacher Sarah Eddings was walking through the first floor hallways in the main building last Friday, she heard two girls whispering about something with urgency.  When she questioned them,...

Joke ASB president candidate Bransen Tong flashes his stunning ‘presidential’ smile.

Joke campaign is never going to give you up

Shravya Salem Sathish, Opinions Editor May 27, 2022

Every year, elections represent the ambitious aspirations of innovative students striving to make a serious difference. Except for junior Bransen Tong, the fake ASB President candidate who was more...

Students were asked to make two Vans designs that reflected their hometown. “Hometown Pride” featured drawings, and “VanD(IY)oren Legacy” involved more sculpting and 3D art.

Art students place top 50 in Vans Culture Contest

Ylin Zhu, News Editor May 27, 2022

Imagine having your flashy design grace a pair of Vans worn by skaters pulling off kickflips at the San Ramon Skate Park. This could have happened for Cal High students Nicolette Ogne and Sathvika Sitaraman,...

A girl and her father fly a kite on a field at Central Park, where the Art and Wind Festival will be held this weekend.

Art and Wind Festival returns

Anirud Lappathi, Social Media Team Member May 27, 2022

San Ramon’s highly anticipated Art and Wind Festival is returning on Sunday and Monday after the annual event was shut down the past two years because of COVID-19. The festival will be hosted on both...

Ethnic studies teacher Ben Andersen supervises his students while they work during class. His students have been working on their Youth Participatory Action Research projects.

Ethnic studies YPAR projects enact change

Asiyah Ally, News Editor May 27, 2022

The ethnic studies class rounded out the school year through a project with a purpose.  The project, called Youth Participatory Action Research (YPAR), involves students researching issues they are...

Hundreds of students walk through the quad like they have for a full year since the COVID-19 pandemic quarantine.

End of the year sparks mixed feelings

Parwaan Virk, Staff Writer May 27, 2022

With the last day of school coming next Thursday, many students have mixed emotions about the end of this unusual school year. Compared to last year, the end-of-year vibes have changed. With the highly...

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