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Reduced NHL season hits the ice

Tanner Curtis, Staff Writer February 5, 2021

With COVID-19 still being a major issue worldwide, many sports have had to change the way their leagues are run, but no one has had to change quite as much as the National Hockey League. The NHL has...

Pro sports are slowly starting up again

NBA, NHL will begin playing games next month, and MLB might join them if owners and players can reach an agreement and stop bickering over money
Andrew Sousa, Sports Editor June 15, 2020

With most states slowly reopening, the hope for the return of professional sports has reopened as well. Specifically in California, 51 of the 58 counties have entered or will soon enter Phase 3 of Gov....

NHL Predictions

Sydney Finkel, Staff Writer May 30, 2014

The competition to win the Stanley Cup is becoming more and more intense as the last few weeks of the NHL playoffs near. The first two rounds of the playoffs have been nerve-racking for all fans, and now...

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