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People are turning to outdoor activities during quarantine

The Tri-Valley is home to many outdoor trails used by equestrians, pedestrians, and cyclists, such as the Pleasanton Ridge Trail.

Ananya Nag, News Editor

May 24, 2020

With the shelter-in-place order set indefinitely, people are resorting to outdoor activities to keep themselves busy and active. In an attempt to curb the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, gyms, malls, school sports, and all other forms of social gatherings have been suspended. During this time,...

Rugby isn’t just for the English

April 25, 2012

by Sydney Castillo, staff writer Intensity builds as players fight for the ball, packed in a scrum scrambling for possession. Bound together players fight to inch up the field. Bodies crash together as the fight for the ball continues. Organized chaos ensues as the game goes on. It is easy to...

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