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The Official Student-Run Newspaper of California High School

The Californian

The Official Student-Run Newspaper of California High School

The Californian

The Social Justice class lost their long-term sub the third week of school after she used the N-word in class.

Social Justice long term sub makes offensive remarks, uses N-word in class

Sami Tripasuri, co-Editor-in-Chief September 8, 2022

Less than three weeks into the new school year, Cal High’s long-term substitute teacher in the senior English Social Justice and Community class said the N-word and made other racist and problematic...

Firefighters and police investigate the scene last Friday after the fire was put out by history teacher Daniel Sweetnam.

Students start garbage can fire

Sami Tripasuri, co-Editor-in-Chief May 27, 2022

As history teacher Sarah Eddings was walking through the first floor hallways in the main building last Friday, she heard two girls whispering about something with urgency.  When she questioned them,...

From left to right, Sami Tripasuri, Praneeta Agrawal and Pari Saluja perform a Bollywood fusion dance for Cal High staff and parents on Feb 22. as part of an on-campus Holi celebration.

Students and parents host Holi event

Sami Tripasuri, co-Editor-in-Chief March 21, 2022

Cal High’s Indian community of parents and students came together on Feb. 22 to celebrate Holi with teachers and administrators in order to gift the school’s staff with a taste of Indian culture and...

Constrution workers expand Cal High’s kitchen, a $2 million project expected to be completed in April.

Cal High kitchens get an upgrade

Tyler Raymond and Sami Tripasuri February 14, 2022

San Ramon Valley Unified School District is remodeling Cal High’s kitchen in the commons to expand it and provide an upgrade to 10-year-old appliances.  The construction project started in Octotber...

Junior Nick Harvey works at his computer from home this year while learning remotely. Although Harvey plans to return to campus next year, nearly 500 students in the district have enrolled in the new Virtual Academy and plan to continue schooling from home.

District offers Virtual Academy alternative to in-person learning

Sami Tripasuri, co-Editor-in-Chief May 28, 2021

After a series of unprecedented events and online learning, the 2020-2021 school year has come to a close. For next year, the San Ramon Valley Unified School District wants to provide options for students...

Students are actively adjusting to the major changes that in-person learning has brought.

Students return to in-person learning

Jaida Baker and Sami Tripasuri April 30, 2021

After almost a year of remote learning, students finally returned to campus last month in a hybrid setting. After what seemed like a long, slow crawl to return to in-person school, hybrid students were...

One day history books will detail all of the unusual year that was 2020. The coronavirus pandemic obviously will headline the strangeness of the year.

How history books will look back on 2020?

Sami Tripasuri, co-Editor-in-Chief March 12, 2021

As the future generations peer into their history textbooks, a certain page will catch their attention. This one is different from the rest. It does not show pictures of faces or wars, but instead pictures...

Classes online have given students plenty of opportunities to multitask.

Multitasking, but online school edition

Sami Tripasuri, co-Editor-in-Chief February 3, 2021

Buzz, buzz. You hear the revolting noise of your alarm clock. The snooze button has never looked prettier, but you can’t miss school. Right? Considering the circumstances of the world, everything...

Lots of things have become tricky throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic, including getting your drivers license! DMV customers must wait in a longer line because of social distancing guidelines, and appointments have to be made to attend.

Students attempt to earn driver’s licenses during the pandemic

Sami Tripasuri, co-Editor-in-Chief December 18, 2020

Sophomore Tasha Singh faced the DMV with a look of surprise.  The pandemic has completely changed the formerly crowded building. Caution tape separated the socially distanced individuals in the short...

Many students turn off their cameras while in Zoom breakout rooms, making it difficult for everyone to collaborate and communicate with classmates.

Are breakout rooms really beneficial?

Sami Tripasuri, co-Editor-in-Chief November 6, 2020

Sophomore Praneeta Agrawal sat in silence and stared awkwardly at the black boxes and muted mics on her screen. She took it upon herself to start the conversation by essentially asking, “Hey guys, what...

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