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The San Ramon Valley Unified School District's report card, while definitely improving from the first semester, is a mixed bag this year.

Our 2020-21 report card for the Board of Education

Staff Editorial May 28, 2021

Unsigned staff editorials reflect the opinion of the majority of the editorial board. The Californian published an editorial in December outlining our seven-item wishlist for the San Ramon Valley Unified...

Local government matters

Staff Editorial October 30, 2020

With a historically important election just around the corner, the eyes of Americans have been fixated on their TVs and social media feeds, attentively watching the race between candidates President...

Government shutdown violates Trump’s campaign promises

Staff Editorial, The Voice of Cal High February 12, 2019

For now, the government shutdown is over. But for the everyday government worker, the shutdown left a scorching path in its wake, leaving more than 800,000 federal workers without pay for 35 days. A...

Anti-vaccine movement endangers students’ lives

Staff Editorial, The Voice of Cal High February 12, 2019

When the first vaccine was created in 1796, people were resistant to the idea. But in1955 the polio vaccine and its widespread use led to a fall in US cases from more than 50,000 in 1952 to zero...

Finals schedule makes sense

Staff Editorial, The Voice of California HIgh School December 18, 2018

With changing district credit requirements, many students are not taking classes after lunch during fifth or sixth periods. As a result, the last day of the traditional finals schedule when these two...

College application costs are a money grab

Staff Editorial, The Voice of California High School December 18, 2018

As getting into college is becoming more and more competitive because of an explosion in the number of applicants, colleges have found a way to profit at the expense of students.   It is common...

Nationalism encourages political violence

Staff Editoria; November 15, 2018

While addressing a packed Houston arena on Oct. 22, President Trump called himself a proud American nationalist and encouraged his followers to use the word freely.   Trump’s embrace of the term ...

Sexual assault needs to be addressed

December 19, 2017

In the past couple of months, there has been an exponential amount of people, particularly in the Hollywood industry, coming forward about being sexually assaulted.  This brought attention to the...

Seniors should have a say in music for Ball

May 15, 2017

Senior Ball is the last hooray for seniors and the culmination of all dances that have come before it. It should ideally be a night that has something for everyone so all seniors can have a night to remember. But...

New schedule change will help students

May 15, 2017

Recently, while meeting with students to discuss plans for next year’s classes, counselors offered the option of allowing students to leave campus after lunch rather than taking unnecessary classes. The...

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