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From left to right, Passover is traditionally celebrated with seder dinner, prayer, and more. It took place from April 5-13 this year. Colorful powder is thrown during a Holi celebration. This is one of many traditions of the Hindu celebration. Ramadan consists of the tradition of fasting from sunrise to sunset, during the Muslim holy month that took place from March 22 to April 20 this year.

Holi is a holiday of colors

Nimisa Panda and Yining Xie, Staff Writer April 28, 2023

Every holiday seems to have something that people immediately associate it with. Easter has a bunny, Valentine’s Day has heart, and Halloween has jack-o-lanterns. The Hindu celebration of Holi has...

Members of the Jewish Student Union celebrated Passover on campus on April 14. Students ate matzah, enjoyed many dips, drank grape juice, and played a game of afikomen.

Cal High’s Jewish Student Union celebrates Passover

Yining Xie, Features Editor April 28, 2023

Passover is a Jewish holiday celebrating the Biblical story of when the Israelites were liberated from Egypt. This holiday takes place over a span of eight days, starting on the 15th day of the Hebrew...

AI is changing the way the world operates, and its future is still unknown.

It’s AI’s future and we’re all just living in it

Yining Xie, Features Editor March 15, 2023

The future is becoming more unknown as technology and science continue to develop. Artificial intelligence, more commonly known as AI, is a type of technology that mimics human intelligence. AI has been...

Briana Farias, right, makes therapy putty with students during her internship at Cal High’s wellness center.

Seniors’ unique internships provide glimpses of future careers

Yining Xie, Features Editor February 9, 2023

Finding an interesting and unique internship during the senior year is how many students get an early start on their careers. Some, such as senior Dylan Bretschneider, have gained much from Cal High’s...

The significance of weighted GPAs compete with the argument of weighted GPAs being unecessary.

Should weighted grades be eliminated? – YES

Yining Xie, Features Editor December 19, 2022

While academic rewards offered to students taking more rigorous, advanced courses seems like a fair incentive, the so-called “benefits” of weighted grades and GPAs have proven to be a problem. And...

Designed to make attendance more efficient, Cal High’s new scanners have caused many frustrations for students, teachers and parents alike.

New attendance system causes frustrations

Yining Xie, Features Editor November 18, 2022

Forgetting to scan into class and getting marked late is a new nightmare for everyone. Following the lead of many other district high schools, the Infinite Campus attendance pilot program was implemented...

Flora Dixit, left, and Zora Choi, far right,  pose at Taekwon-Do World Championships this summer. The girls helped the USA Junior Girls Team four medals at the international competition, including a gold medal in specialty techniques. Choi earned six individual medals, while Dixit earned five medals.

Flora and Zora bring home the gold

Anvi Kataria and Yining Xie October 13, 2022

Feeling as if they were holding Captain America’s shield with the American flag on their backs, junior Zora Choi and sophomore Flora Dixit were presented with their team events medal, quite an accomplishment...

Students learn how to adjust and balance their busy schedules with new start times, longer  tutorial periods, and the new “B-period”, an after-school replacement of A-period.

New schedule creates change

Yining Xie, Features Editor October 13, 2022

The jury is still out on this year’s new schedule. Since Senate Bill 328 went into effect to start the school year on Aug. 10, many Cal High students began their days later with no classes being offered...

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