Introducing McDonald’s Sad Meals

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by Melanie Eiges

What did you get when you opened up your McDonald’s Happy Meal when you were young? Greasy food and a special surprise.

Now what do you get when you open up a Happy Meal that is over 600 calories? Greasy food and greasy after-stains.

As a kid, I remember always begging my mother to let me go to McDonald’s to get my Happy Meal and opening it up to find the super amazing toy that came with it. Whether it was a Transformer or Beanie Babies, the toy is what made the Happy Meal.

San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors have created an ordinance to put a ban on the happiness of kids. They call it the “Happy-Meal-Ban.”

The new law states the only way a child is allowed to get a free toy with their meals would be if they are under 600 calories and less than 35 percent calories from fat.

The reason for this law is because the government is concerned about childhood obesity. But is it really McDonald’s fault that parents are too lazy to feed their kids healthy food?

“Without the toy in the Happy Meal, there is no point on being happy in life,” says junior Julian Adoff.

Right now, the law only affects San Francisco. But soon, it could spread to a fast food restaurant near you.  This would be devastating to San Ramonians looking for a chance to relive their childhood.

“Receiving a toy with your food is like finding a present under the Christmas Tree,” said sophomore Amanda Alfaro. “It brings life to my day.”

Even as high school students, many people still visit their local McDonald’s to receive their Chicken McNuggets, french fries, and their beloved toy.

The toy is what makes the meal happy. Why take the happy away from the suffering kids in the world?

And worse, what about those poor toys that will now just be sitting in boxes with no one to love them or break them? Have we never seen “Toy Story” 1, 2, or 3?

You have between now and December 2011, when the law goes into effect, to gather all of the free toys you can find in the Happy Meals.

My recommendation is to get ready to put your stretchy pants on and have your arteries clogged. It’s time to buy some Happy Meals and save some toys.

For without the toy, a Happy Meal is no longer happy.  It is just a meal. From McDonald’s.