New gym debuts

The interior of the renovated gym, which features new floors, stands and a mat room for the wrestling team. Photo by Mauricio Vargas

by Shawna Stinson, staff writer

Construction on Cal’s campus began 12 years ago with the world language building.

Since then, there has been continuous construction across campus, including the main building, fine arts building, theater, library, and the event center.

The last piece to this puzzle was finally completed on Feb. 18 when the newly renovated “old” gym opened featuring facilities such as a dance, wrestling, and aerobics room.

“The new gym will give us a better practice experience because we will have our own room and no outside distractions,” said sophomore wrestler Daniel Barker.

The new gym not only shelters classes from the winter weather but also symbolizes the end to years of construction.

“I’m excited that all the construction is done,” said math teacher Fred Albano.

The new gym has improved the girl’s locker room showers, bathrooms, and lockers. Improvements have also been made to the women’s PE offices, coaching offices, restrooms, team rooms, and expanded storage areas.

“It’s very well lit and it’s a nice big facility,” said athletic director Dave Kravitz.

The event center will still be used for most indoor athletic events because the gym only has one set of bleachers now, said Dave Kravitz.

The gym will be mainly utilized for PE classes and various sports’ practices, including basketball, volleyball.

Dance classes stand to benefit the most from the renovations. For the last four years, students in all five dance classes have been practicing in the quad, on the stage, in the theater lobby, or in the commons.

“I like the new dance room because before we had to dance on concrete and had no mirrors,” said sophomore Jennifer Iversen.

The new dance room is large enough to accommodate class sizes, said dance teacher Ryane Siegel.

“The space helps us because we are now able to complete the dance moves full out without hitting a wall or falling off of a stage,” Siegel said.

A new sports medicine room was included as a part of the renovations, and features $70,000 of new equipment and furniture.

“It’s a win-win,” said sports medicine teacher Shane Borchert. “We are not only teaching students to work this equipment, but we can help athletes with treatments and rehabs.”