Holiday season should be a time for family

Staff Editorial

It’s that time of year again when houses are strung with lights, trees are decorated, malls are packed, and every other ad on TV is about buying the perfect gift.

The holiday season, a time to get together and celebrate with friends and family, has become overshadowed by materialism and with it has gone the idea of giving for the sake of giving and being appreciative for everything received from others.

Unlike the past, gifts are now the main part of the holiday season, while the original essence of the season – being thankful for everything one has, spending time with loved ones, and helping those who are less fortunate – has become a secondary option that is only done if it is convenient.

This is exemplified in the recent eBay TV ad in which the whole family is together and singing Christmas carols.

The festivities are interrupted when the family’s teenage daughter tells her family the gifts they gave her are not what she wants. This year they should give her stuff from the online wish list she made on eBay.

Granted that it was only a commercial, the same expression that the girl gives to her family members is evident in today’s society.

The holiday season today has become all about the race to the malls, and the searching hours and hours for the one perfect gift that will wow everyone away.

It is imbibed in our culture today to buy the perfect gift. Gift-giving has gone beyond the idea of giving because you care, but rather giving to impress. The cost of gifts seems more important than the thought put into them.

On Christmas morning, rather than waking up and thinking about what the day actually means, many of us wake up and run to the tree to open all our gifts, hoping that under all the wrapping there’s the new iPhone, Tiffany’s necklace, or XBox Kinect.

Rather than focusing on the gift itself, we should make it a priority to realize that the gift given was out of good thoughts and be thankful for it and what we have already.

This year we should go back to the true meaning of the holidays.The holidays are a time to get together and enjoy the moments you have with good friends and family.