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How to woo your Homecoming date

“Will you go to homecoming with me?”  This is a dream question for those answering, but often a nightmare for those asking.

“Should the question be asked without much planning on the trek to math class?”

“Perhaps I should go for a wild approach showing how crazy I am for my intended date. Or do I keep it romantically sweet and simple?”

These are often thoughts racing through students’ minds before popping the question.

Cal High students have been asked to homecoming in many different ways over the years

Asking someone in just the right way – whether casual or cute, unique, or intimate – can provide a major confidence boost and school memories to last a lifetime.

Freshman Carley Leffel said a simple theme can be just as special as something over the top.

“I would want him to come up with flowers and ask me alone,” said Leffel.

But simple and sweet isn’t for everyone.  Many students find something grander to be better.

Students who have a talent and take pride in their special skill should use it to their advantage.

Students can sing to that special someone or perhaps play a musical instrument. Whatever it is, a talent could be just the thing to get that special someone to say yes.

This happened to sophomore Christine Morelli when she saw her asker’s sketchpad.

“Each page had a different letter that spelled out homecoming,” said Morelli.

Freshman Ari Nikbakht said she would love to go on a scavenger hunt filled with clues leading to the date of her dreams.

These never get old and are a great way to see if the person getting asked really wants to get to the grand prize, a date to homecoming.

If a student wants to ask their someone to homecoming in a unique way rarely seen on campus, then they’ve got some competition.

Last year, former senior Adhitya Mohan did something his entire class will never forget.

Mohan and his AP Biology classmates flash mobbed his date with The Wanted’s “Glad You Came” song blasting, which made for an extravagant show.

Even an entirely unique approach doesn’t guarantee a date.

Whether students’ approach to asking someone to homecoming is simple or complex, they should make it their own.

Have confidence, and most of all, don’t fret.  If things don’t go well, there’s always prom or ball to try again.

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