World Series Game 3 and 4 Previews

Alec Bandler. and Eric Yee

After winning the first two games in San Francisco, the Giants are in good shape to win their second World Series Title in a span of three years.  Madison Bumgarner returned to form for the first time in two months to lead them to a 2-0 victory in Game 2.  The Giants continue to get big breaks such as when Prince Fielder got thrown out at home plate and Gregor Blanco reaching first base on a bunt.

The Giants will have their two best pitchers pitch in Games 3 and 4.  Ryan Vogelsong will pitch in game 3 against tough right hander Anibal Sanchez.  This will actually be the third time that Vogelsong and Sanchez will face each other this year.  Earlier in the season, Sanchez was a member of the Miami Marlins and he beat Vogelsong at AT&T Park 3-2.  But a month later when they faced each other in Miami, Vogelsong got the better of Sanchez in a 14-7 blowout.  Despite losing in May, Sanchez has always dominated the Giants.  If the Giants want to win Game 3, then Vogelsong will have continue his excellence of shutting down opposing teams.  But considering how good Vogelsong has been, the Giants should be fine.

In Game 4 the Giants will have their ace, Matt Cain, pitching against Max Scherzer.  Scherzer has been incredible this postseason.  He finished second in the American League in strikeouts this season and has been a strikeout machine this postseason.  But Scherzer is a little overrated.  Even though he strikes out a lot of hitters, he can be prone to giving up hits.  Last year, the Giants and the Tigers played against each other at Comerica Park in inter league play.  The Giants faced Scherzer and scored five runs in the first inning against them with a two run homer by Pablo Sandoval and a three run homer by Brandon Crawford.

The Giants have a really good shot at ending the series in Detroit.  Although it would be nice to see them clinch at home, they will probably clinch in Detroit just like they did against Texas in 2010.