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An unexpected success

Film: “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey”

Rating: PG-13

Category: Action, Fantasy

I walked into the theater to see “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey” not knowing exactly what to expect, and I found myself pleasantly surprised.

Every landscape, graphic and scene was well put together and quite unexpected, leaving me in awe.  New Zealand was the perfect backdrop for the first of three films in the trilogy, juast as it was for “The Lord of the Rings” triology.

The trolls were so detailed and looked so disgustingly good that I actually cringed.

The Orcs’ skin looked just like I would expect it to feel. I could feel every scar, pore and hair growing from their grey skin.

Acting really helped make this film come to life.

All of the characters from “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy are portrayed by the same actors, which helps keep the connected stories consistent for fans.

The action was mostly good, but there are some instances where the actors were overdoing it.  Other than those small moments, the acting was very well done.

The actors were all in tune with each other, which helped the story build even more.

This story is phenomenal, exciting and suspenseful, and I was literally on the edge of my seat.

The film follows the story of an elderly hobbit named Bilbo Baggins (Martin Freeman), who is concerned because he has kept stories of his life from his nephew, Frodo Baggins (Elijah Wood).

He writes the story of how he starts his journey with Gandalf (Ian McKellen) to assist the dwarfs and their king, Thorin (Richard Armitage), to take back their home from a fearsome dragon, Smaug.

But bitter Orcs who fought the dwarfs long ago and killed Thorin’s father in battle stands in their path.

Since that fateful day, the king of the dwarfs has long hated the Orcs for taking the life of his father.

And so Gandalf chose Bilbo to go with him and the dwarfs to take back their home.

I have not read the book, but I have no doubt Peter Jackson, the director of the film and “The Lord of the Rings” triology, did well with remaining true to J. R. R. Tolkien’s original novel, “The Hobbit.”

I give “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey” a rating of 3 ½ out of 4 Grizzly bear paws for its beautiful shots of New Zealand, detailed graphics, wonderful albiet somewhat overdone acting, and story line.

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