New resource officer comes to Cal

Marisol Montes, Staff Writer

Everyone is wondering who the new officer in town is. Officer John Cranford is here to fill in Officer Tong’s place while he is absent. It is still unknown how long he will be staying with us.

Before Officer Cranford came to fill in Officer Tong’s place, he was a police officer in Sacramento, where he was a patrol officer. He was also a S.O.R., or a security officer, at another high school in Sacramento.

Officer Cranford became an officer for many reasons, one of which was his family.

“My dad was a police officer after I had got done with college. I didn’t know what to do, so I gave it a shot. It was the best decision I ever made.” said Officer Cranford.

The reason Officer Cranford likes his job is because he says there is always something new happening every day and that it never gets boring.

He likes that the people at Cal high are happy to talk to and greet him.

“I like it, its nice. The people are nice.” Officer Cranford said

He has made many friends here at Cal high so far. Freshman Rohan Nair spoke with him in an effort to recover his missing cell phone.

“I lost my phone so I went to go talk to Officer Cranford about it. He was very nice and energetic.” Nair said. Even though he never found his phone, Nair said he was also helpful while trying to find his phone.

Officer Cranford has had an easy time at Cal High so far. There haven’t been any big disturbances.

“It’s nice and quiet.” says Officer Cranford when asked about if anything has happened while at Cal High. Thats great news to hear, for us Californians are always trying to be on our best behavior.