Shopping and social apps rise in popularity

Marisol Montes, Staff Writer

Kids walking down the streets and hanging out in school are glued to their phones, texting and playing apps.

From social networking apps to store apps, students are using a variety of apps available to them.

In the iTunes app store, the Top Paid App right now is Whatsapp. This app is all about texting out a number given to users.  Using this app, students can stay connected with friends.

Although Whatsapp is the top paid app, it is not that popular among Cal High students.

In one freshman classroom polled, only one student had known of a person using that app. No one in a random junior classroom had ever heard of the app, while a senior classroom had only one student who had this app.

But Vine, ranked number three on the Top Free Apps, is more popular among students than Whatsapp. Vine is a social networking app that allows students to create short videos to make one whole video connecting them and then sharing it.

A freshman class polled had eight Vine users, while a junior classroom had four Vine users and a senior classroom had six.  This popular app is being used more and more by high school students.

Sophomore Leah Baughman is one of the many students using Vine.

“I use it for fun, most videos are just silly or they are mind blowing tricks,” said Baughman. “It’s entertaining because some people actually make really good funny vines.”

Wanelo is becoming a favorite among students, too. This app allows students to browse items for which they can purchase. The app, which is like the online version of window shopping, also is able to save items within students’ account so they can go back to them later.

Sophomore Claudia DaSilva uses this favored app.

“It’s popular because we see stuff on Instagram that we all wish we had,” DaSilva said. “Wanelo is a place to buy all that cute stuff and its not expensive. My favorite feature is typing in an item you want and pages and pages come up that are really cute and fun. Then you can hit buy it and it takes you to a website and look at what else that website has.”

Some apps are already at the high point of their life. Instagram, which has been popular among students for awhile, continues to be a favorite.

This app is only about posting people’s photos.  The app allows followers to like and comment on the pictures posted.

Sophomore David Adams said his favorite app is Instagram.

“I like it because it is very entertaining,” said Adams.

The app is entertaining because students are able to edit their pictures then post them and able to see other friend’s pictures, too.

Freshmen have even taken favor to this popular app because it is the trend.

“I don’t really know why this app is my favorite,” says freshman Ileana Vasquez. “I just got into the habit of using it because of the pretty pictures posted.”

A classroom of mixed ages voted Instagram, Twitter, ESPN Score Center, and Pandora as their top apps.

A freshman class voted Vine, Instagram, Snapchat, and Ifunny as their top apps.

Snapchat is an easy to use app that allows people to take pictures or videos and be able to send them for up to 10 seconds to their friends.

A junior class nominated Vine, Twitter, Instagram, and Wanelo as their top apps.

A senior class nominated Instagram, Vine, Wanelo, and Snapchat to their top apps selection.

Vine and Wanelo are climbing the popularity charts and beating out the old competition.