Fans going gaga for ‘ARTPOP’

Caitlin Stein, News Editor

If Lady Gaga’s fashion sense doesn’t grab fans’attention, then her new album “ARTPOP,” released on Nov. 11, certainly will.

Lady Gaga’s fourth album contains her signature upbeat songs, but several of them were painful to listen to because she traded meaning for heavily synthesized beats.

Sometimes it seems as though Lady Gaga can let editing take over her voice and mask her talent, creating a more unique and electric sound.

This is the case with “Aura,” which kicks off “ARTPOP.”  The song is a painful mixture of computer editing. Parts of it aren’t bad, but a majority of the song is strange even for Lady Gaga.

This song set a bad tone for the album making the rest of it suffer.

“G.U.Y” restored my confidence in the album. I feel it is one of Gaga’s strongest songs on the album if listeners can ignore the strange beginning found on a lot of her songs.

“Jewels N’ Drugs” is a collaboration with T.I., Too $hort and Twista, and it is not one of her best. Gaga is headed toward rap with this song and I feel like she should stray away from that genre.

“MANiCURE” is a perfect example of how Lady Gaga is trying too hard with the album. Although this song has plenty of energy, it’s hard to get hyped up about a manicure. This song makes it clear that Gaga is out of ideas.

“ARTPOP” is a confusing song that sounds as if Gaga is singing with a robot. This song is certainly not the worst on her album, but it is far from the best.

“Swine” is yet another lifeboat for this album. Once listeners get over its strange background beat that actually sounds like an edited pig snort, it’s one of her more fun and enjoyable songs.

Her other single, “Dope,” begins with a small piano riff, promising a peaceful and calming song. This song shows how Gaga has a strong voice.

“Gypsy” offers a nice beat while still having a calming effect. It’s similar to her song “Edge of Glory” in the sound it has. This is where listeners hear how it’s easy for Gaga to produce something nice, unlike in her other songs where she tries too hard.

Many fans have heard her most popular single “Applause” and know it is not her best song but it is certainly fun to listen and dance around to.

I feel this album is not a reflection of Gaga’s best work. These songs are  too strange. This album is anything but art and is certainly the least memorable out of all her albums.

I give this album two out of four Grizzly Paws.