Avid juniors act out

Erica Drake and Emily Mun

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Five members of the junior AVID class were given Monday schools for being disruptive and rowdy during recent a field trip to Sacramento State and University of California, Davis.

A bus filled with junior and freshmen AVID students created all of the problems on the April 23 field trip when juniors became wild by chanting, shouting and at one point locking a student in the bathroom.

The juniors were also walking up and down the aisles, creating a safety hazard to everyone on the bus, said English teacher and first-year AVID teacher Stacey Quick.

Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) is a four-year program designed to help prepare students for college. AVID students go on field trips to visit colleges as part of the class.

On the way to Sacramento State, junior TJ Smith was locked in the bus bathroom.When Smith went to the bathroom, people pushed on the door, preventing his escape. He was told to push again and flew out the bathroom as his classmates let go of the door.

“Pretty much everyone on the bus was chanting,” junior Esteban Montes said. “[The juniors] were the ones that started it.”

Quick and a parent chaperone were sitting in the front while the juniors sat in the back, leaving the chaperones unable to do anything without violating safety conduct themselves.

“I was talking to [the juniors] and telling them what to do, but I was in the front and we were driving,” Quick said. “So I couldn’t get up to tell them to stop.”

After arriving at Sacramento State, the bus driver, who was obviously upset, took Quick aside and talked to her.

“He was upset because he’s driven a lot, and this was the first time he had such a group so out there,”  said junior Maya White.

Some students on the trip said the bus driver has driven for Cal  for a long time and said that this was the worst class he had ever encountered. He also said he no longer would drive for Cal.

On the way back to Cal from UC Davis, the junior class was split up between the two buses Cal hired for the field trip. On the way to the universities, it was the freshmen class that was divided between the two buses.

The juniors tried to behave in order to redeem themselves, but it was too late.

After arriving at Cal, Quick sent eight junior boys suspected of being the main instigators to the office, where they were given Monday schools. Only five received their punishment, which they fulfilled on April 28. The three boys who didn’t receive Monday schools were exempted because they were disruptive to a lesser extent.

Half-jokingly, the hashtag #FreeAVID2015 was started soon after on Twitter by the juniors in response to the Monday School punishments. Various Vines of the class on the bus were also made demonstrating their disruptive behavior.

“We felt like [the teachers and chaperones] kind of overreacted,” junior Alonzo Cuevas said.

Junior Brianna Anderson did not ride the bus for medical reasons, but she and her mom, another parent chaperone, could hear the juniors on the bus while they were parked in their car with all their windows rolled up.

Anderson also said the class’s behavior on the bus was not the only time they had acted up. They have also been rowdy in class and frustrated many substitute teachers.

“We haven’t gotten a sub that likes us yet,” Anderson said.

As a result of their behavior, the juniors are now being evaluated individually and collectively to see if they will be able to remain in the program next year and whether or not the college tours will be continued.

Some of the students are apologetic for their behavior and hope to remain in the class.

“They’re good kids,” said English and former AVID teacher Gilita Thomas. “They did it, they admitted it.  They’re not making excuses.”