Student robbed in Cal’s back parking lot

A senior boy said he was robbed by two suspects in Cal High’s back parking lot near the Iron Horse Trail after varsity basketball tryouts on Nov. 10.

The student, who is not being named because he is a victim of a crime, had left campus after tryouts but later returned once he realized he left his headphones in the gym. This left him alone in the dark parking lot around 6:40 p.m., when he was confronted by two unknown suspects near his car.

“Two guys came up from behind me and one dude put something, it could’ve been his hand but he tried to make it look like a weapon or something, into my back,” the victim said. “They threatened me.”

The victim said the suspects threatened to beat him up, or worse, if he didn’t give them everything he had on him. He said they did no damage to his car, and is thankful they did not physically hurt him.

“I have no idea who these guys are,” said the victim. “I didn’t really get a clear look at their faces, just glimpses.”

Once they robbed the victim of his phone and $100 in cash, the suspects made one final request. They asked the victim his shoe size, hoping to take those from him as well.

“Everything happened so fast,” the victim said. “They took my phone and they took my cash. Then, they just booked it and ran toward the Iron Horse Trail.”

Without a phone, the victim drove home as fast as he could and told his dad what happened.

The victim’s father promptly called San Ramon police before they returned to Cal in search of the robbers. The victim said the police had no luck in finding the robbers.

Principal Sarah Wondolowski sent an email to school parents and staff on Nov. 11, informing them of the robbery.

San Ramon Police said such a crime on a high school campus in this area is very rare, according to Wondolowski’s email.

“The safety of our students is a top priority at California High School,” Wondolowski wrote in the email. “By working together  we can help keep our students, staff, and campus safe.”

Despite this recent incident in the school parking lot, not all students feel this robbery raises a major cause for concern.

“I’m not scared if I walk in the back parking lot after school or anything like that,” said senior Ilan Izakov. “I just think coming back here at night for no reason isn’t a good idea in the first place.”

There’s also a  feeling among students that this is an isolated incident.

“I don’t think it will happen again,” Izakov said.

San Ramon police have not disclosed any new information since the robbery nearly two weeks ago.

Anyone with information about this incident should contact police at (925) 973-2779.