Bieber and Adele release new albums

Rebekah Cha and Lorela Cabral

“Purpose” by Justin Beiber

As Justin Bieber’s manager Scooter Braun hinted, the year of 2015 will be an eventful one for the pop star’s fans.

After making countless headlines with his legal run-ins and private scandals in 2014, the world renowned popstar promised to showcase his changed and more humble self through his new album, Purpose.

Justin Bieber’s long-playing (LP) album Purpose was released this year on Nov. 13. With the debut of Bieber’s preceding singles What Do You Mean, Sorry, and I’ll Show You, listeners caught a glimpse of the album’s theme and composition.

Whether or not Bieber’s “I’m a changed man” image is true, he has certainly proved himself to be an artist. The songs released so far are actually good. Really good.

The lead single What Do You Mean, released this past summer, was met with positive reviews from various music critics and debuted with commercial success as it topped the music charts of Europe, Canada, and the U.S. With its catchy beat and tropical-infused instrumentation, What Do You Mean incorporates a sexy, “laidback” groove which critics have coined as the “classic JB.” Written by Bieber, Jason Boyd, and Mason Levy, What Do You Mean is categorized as both pop and tropical house.

Bieber’s following single Sorry, produced by Skrillex and Blood Diamonds, is infused with the DJs’ touch of electronic dance music (EDM). Also met with commercial success, Sorry lived up to the popularity of Bieber’s leading single from the summer. Catchy, sweet, and tropical, Sorry was the perfect combination of Skrillex’s electronic and Bieber’s pop.

As for Bieber’s first promotional single, I’ll Show You, the song is once again meshed with Skrillex’s EDM and Bieber’s breathy vocals. Fluid and airy, I’ll Show You gives off a different feel from Bieber’s previous singles. Although this song may not come off as “amazing,”  the indistinctness of its quality has still been praised by music critics for its composition and groove.

Whether a Bieber fan or anti-fan, few people will argue that Purpose has brought upon a successful comeback for Justin Bieber.


“Made in the A.M.” by One Direction

One Direction has recently been making headlines with the debut of its new album, Made in the A.M.

As the first official album released after the departure of former member, Zayn Malik, Made in the A.M. was once again met with critical reviews and world-wide sensation. Released on Nov. 13, the album reflects the boyband’s transition from young heartthrobs to troubled stars.

With the release of the band’s leading single Drag Me Down, One Direction stepped into the spotlight ready to showcase their musical abilities as now grown-up artists. With the band’s trademark style of catchy tunes and love-inspired themes heavily influenced upon the song, Drag Me Down shows no surprises.

  As curious as millions are regarding the situation of Malik’s sudden departure, the album reveals no change in style for the four-man band. As Kenneth Partridge of Billboard magazine said, the album is overall pop and continues to “churn out boilerplate love songs that rarely feel personal.” However, with leading singles such as Perfect, One Direction claims that their latest album has been their most  personal yet.  

Aside from the mainstream pop that Drag Me Down brings to the album, Perfect showcases new sentiments centering around publicity and the consequences of scrutinized stardom. As Perfect’s lyrics show, the members have dealt with their fair share of breakup rumors and paparazzi displaying their personal lives. According to the song, the members define a “perfect” girl as one who can handle the burdens of the band’s hectic and wearisome life.

Whether or not the members find their “perfect girl,” One Direction has certainly been paving the way for continued success as they head off in a new direction with their album, Made in the A.M.  

“25” by Adele

Adele is finally back after three years with her newest album 25.

With only a 30 second advertisement on TV, Adele caused an internet frenzy over the highly anticipated album.

The album debuted on November 20 with the incredible hit single, Hello. With the song’s emotional and melodramatic tone, never has the simple word “hello” had so much meaning.

Only weeks after its music video release, Adele’s lead single has broken multiple records. Of those records include the most U.S. downloads of a song in one week (about 1.11 million copies) and most video streams in a day (another whopping 27.7 million views). It’s no surprise that the single has taken its place at the top of iTunes’ charts globally.

Adele describes Hello as a transition between the tone of her previous album, 21, and her new sound anticipated in 25. With both albums’ themes of heartbreak, the singer continues to write songs portraying her clearly powerful voice and well-written lyrics.

Throughout Adele’s musical career, her albums have proven to be successful throughout the world, especially in America. Although she just came back from her hiatus, her newest song clearly does not lose the passionate sound the world knows her for.

Despite the countless fans have been waiting for her album to drop, there is no telling how quickly 25 is going to soar through the charts. With a taste of the album featured in Hello, one can predict that Adele’s album will have the familiar tones of love, passion, elegance and heartbreak that she is known for.

On her album, anyone can expect ballads of love and tales of romance in a new way, along with a theme of “making up with herself”.

With the explosion of chilling vocals, there’s no surprise that 25 will stay number one on the charts. Welcome back, Adele.


“Wiped Out!” by The Neighborhood

Joining the new release of these albums, The Neighborhood follows suit with the release of their sophomore album Wiped Out!.

With tracks named Wiped Out!, Greetings From California and The Beach, this is clearly an album written while gazing at the ocean. Opposite from the cloudy cover art of their previous album, Wiped Out! features a simple black and white ocean.

A heavy bass tone and breezy new vibes show that the sophistication of The Neighborhood’s music has grown. Different styles of music play a part in each song, from a jazzy feel in Prey to a hip hop/ rock and roll hybrid in the lead single R.I.P. To My Youth.

The first track of the mysterious album is actually just 30 seconds of silence, making the listener wonder if their earphones are working properly. But once the real songs start playing, a mix of experimental tones take over.

Carried over from I Love You, this album’s themes consist of heartache with the underlying sound of darkness to accompany it.

Lead vocalist Jesse Rutherford has ditched the overwhelming vocals he used to sing for a softer, chill vibe throughout his lyrics. Although those lyrics sound peaceful, their meanings are the exact opposite. In many songs, especially Daddy Issues, Rutherford’s lyrics seem so personal, it seems like he’s singing about his deepest secrets.

Overall, The Neighbourhood has composed an album of fresh new tunes that combine the sound they’re known for and an introduction of new music genres.

With a cooling, mysterious theme, Wiped out! has been praised by fans and music critics since its release back on October 30, earning five out of five stars on iTunes.

Fan or not, the album will leave a listener feeling exactly what they named it. Wiped out, but with fascination.