Choir, theater showcase a hit

Emma Hall, Managing Editor

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Friday the 13th is a day that is infamous for being unlucky,.But, Cal High’s theater and choir showcase proved this stereotype to be false.

With a wide variety of monologues, scenes, and musical numbers, the May 13 showcase satisfied its audience.

Opening up the show was the musical number “Agony” from “Into The Woods”, performed by junior Kieran O’Connor as Cinderella’s Prince and senior Logan Rains as Rapunzel’s Prince. O’Connor and Rains were comedic throughout this curtain-raiser.

Junior Laura Augustinsky sang a gorgeous original piece called “You’ll Be Alright.” Her voice was reminiscent of a Disney princess.

Junior Hannah Chylinski reprised her role as Nurse from the Cal High Drama’s “Romeo and Juliet,” which ran in late April. Chylinski performed a monologue was  personal and touching.

The  classic Greek tragedy “Antigone” was brought to life with freshmen Claire O’Connor as Ismene and Emma Schroder as Antigone. The execution of Sophocles’s masterpiece was respectfully carried out with period appropriate dialect and good chemistry between the characters.

Senior Jon Dadgari and junior Kieran O’Connor captivated the audience in Arthur Miller’s “Death of a Salesman” with a gut-wrenching scene of the love and hate between father and son.

Sophomore Julian Webber sang a number called “Don’t Want to Be Here” from “Ordinary Days.” This musical number was amusing, light hearted, and relatable to Cal students at who simply “Don’t Want To Be Here” because of school stress.

Junior Danaka Katovich wrote a quirky piece titled “Bigot Club” starring seniors Christy Spence, Allison Morgan and Nicholas Aliski. As the title states, this scene is about the “Bigot Club,” a club that Morgan is pitching to Spence on how they shouldn’t discriminate against, yes, bigots.

The scene was cleverly written, and  received many loud laughs from the audience ,making it the most memorable piece.

These are just a couple of examples of great pieces from the showcase. Other great performances included the impactful “Head Trauma Diaries” by Webber, the romantic drama comedy skit of “Getting It Back” starring freshman Ariana Suarez, and junior Brennan Osborn (as a stand in), junior River Jordan’s fantastic “I’ve Could’ve Been a Contender” monologue, and the tragic performance “Wit” with freshmen Nikki Missbrenner and Ashlyn Hough.

Jordan and senior Avery Massa were hilarious in “Boom,” and the “View From Here” with freshman Bryd Mifsud was nicely executed.

But the production was not utter perfection. The duet “For Good” from “Wicked”, performed by freshmen Claire O’Connor and Zoe Whitaker, was very rocky.

The two are talented singers but their voices dueled with each other. The harmonizing wasn’t consistent.

The last scene of the showcase was, “One That I Want”, from “Grease.” The choreography was very awkward and the actors seemed rather nervous. The voice of senior Izzy Shepherd  overpowered the quiet voice of senior Nicholas Escobar.

Even though this showcase had its flaws, it was impressive to see such a great show in a short amount of time.

For that reason, I give this production 4 out of 4 Grizzly paws.