Bomber jackets explode into the mainstream


Photo by Des Jower

Junior Iris Kang modeling off her stylish bomber jacket.

Jenna Lyons, Staff Writer

Is it cold out? Want to look stylish with minimal effort? Just love being comfy and warm?

If you answered yes to these questions, then bomber jackets are for you.

While sweatshirts are great for a comfortable and warm outfit, they’re hardly the most fashionable option. Of course, you could always go for a basic cardigan or flannel to layer over a fall outfit, but sometimes you have to switch it up. A bomber jacket is the perfect choice for that.

With both “athleisure” and military trends gaining popularity recently, it’s no surprise that bomber jackets have been showing up everywhere. If you have looked at any fashion or celebrity news in the last year, it’s immediately apparent that they’re on the rise.

These jackets, seen on celebrities such as Gigi Hadid, and Justin Bieber, are a staple item as the weather gets cooler.

It’s not just celebrities wearing the jackets, they’re popping up all over campus. This is probably because anyone can pull one off.

Gender isn’t an issue with bomber jackets, as they work well for both guys and girls. More feminine variations are very chic, while the masculine Bomber jackets come in a wide variety of styles. There’s almost too many to choose from.

Even more so in 2016, they are coming in all sorts of silhouettes, from cropped to oversized, and everything in between.

Black bomber jackets are great for the scene kids who just want to reflect their dark soul, while people who want to add a little color to their outfit can choose from a variety of muted neutrals and jewel tones.

For those individuals who like a personalized touch, bomber jackets look very unique, and only slightly narcissistic, with the wearer’s name embroidered on them.

They come with intricate embroidery, covered in patches, botanical patterns, or all of the above, in pretty much any color you can imagine.

Some good old layering will make it look like you put a lot more effort into your outfit than you actually did. Throw together a plain T-shirt and jeans and it seems like a basic outfit. But add a bomber jacket – possibly with some aforementioned embroidery or patches -– and you look like someone who knows what’s trending.

Bomber jackets can be found in many different price ranges, too. Stores such as Topshop carry them for up to $5,390. If you would prefer not to go in debt for a clothing item, there are stores like Forever 21 that sell them for around $25, which is a lot more reasonable for a high school student’s budget and they look just as good.

Dressed up or dressed down, in a huge range of different styles, these versatile bomber jackets work for tons of looks.