Women’s soccer welcomes new coaches

Haya Haidari, Staff Writer

After more than 20 years of dedication to the women’s soccer teams, coaches Fred Munson and his son, Lee Munson, are not returning for the 2016 season. 

Former men’s JV coach and current history teacher Edgard Vidrio will be the new varsity coach, replacing Lee Munson. In addition, former women’s freshman coach and current English teacher Chelsea Hunt will be the new JV coach, replacing Fred Munson. 

Former students and athletes at Cal all agree that the Munsons will be missed, but are excited for a change and new style the coaches can offer. 

“I am really going to miss coach Lee,” said varsity player Isabella Perez, a junior. “He always supported us and was very dedicated to the team.”

Added junior Leila Rendich, “I am excited for the new coaches but will miss coach Fred. He always brought a good spirit to the team and had a lot of experience.”

Vidrio has many years of experience coaching and playing soccer. He loves seeing dedicated students on the field setting their minds to reaching and attaining their goals. 

Vidrio chose to coach the women’s varsity team because he loves the culture and stability that the Munsons have set. 

“Everything is here, talent, parent support, and supplies,” said Vidrio. “I’m excited to see the girls come together as a team and fight challenges, and I can’t wait to see how the girls will overcome the challenges they will face.” 

Vidrio has coached for 13 years and has a long history of bringing teams to the top of their leagues.  His love for  coaching came from his passion to work with kids and seeing the community rallying behind the students. 

He also chose to coach soccer because, when he was younger, it kept him out of trouble and now he feels he can give back to the community. 

“It’s really sad that the old coaches left because they had coached me for a few years, but I am excited for Vidrio bringing a new style,” said senior Ashley Ward.

Vidrio’s new changes to the women’s team have the players excited for the new season.

“I am excited for the opportunity to play with a new coach and have a new experience, it’s nice to have a change once in a while,” said junior Jennie Waldo. 

Added senior Katarina Brekalo, “I am really interested to see what coach Vidrio has for us this season.” 

As for the JV team, Hunt will be replacing the loved and experienced Fred Munson. Hunt has coached soccer for six years and has played in a semi-pro league before coming to Cal High. 

She coached the freshman team but is now ready for a more competitive atmosphere the JV team will provide. 

“I love getting to work with girls outside of school and seeing them be competitive,” said Hunt. 

She is looking forward to coaching the girls again and seeing them compete. The players are also ready to see a woman coaching and connecting with the team in this new season.

“I really like coach Chelsea,” said sophomore player Sam Zarate. “She is always dedicated, good at the sport and can really connect with players.” 

Added former freshman captain Julia Holden, “I love coach Chelsea. She is always so nice and is great at coaching.”

With a plethora of talented players throughout the program, the 2016-2017 season has the potential to be a very special, unforgettable one for women’s soccer.

 A solid structure and culture is already in place, and the new coaches will only add to that.