Lana Del Rey’s first single enlightens


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Lana Del Rey’s newest album“Lust for Life” has excited many fans after the release of the first two singles, “Love” and “Lust for Life.” No date has been set for the album release.

Vidhima Shetty, Editor in Chief

Prominent singer-songwriter Lana Del Rey is set to release her latest album, “Lust for Life,” in the near future.

Del Rey is known to take on dark themes, such as tragic romance. But with the release of two singles, her upcoming album seems to be taking a more positive route.

Although no exact date has  been set for the album to be released, the artist has dropped two new singles this past year: “Love,” which released in February, and “Lust for Life,” the album’s title track that came out on mi-April and features The Weeknd.

“Love,” which was officially Del Rey’s first single from the album, is an enchanting mid-tempo ode to the hope of youth and love.

It reassures the listener that love is a wonderful feeling to have and that despite pain and suffering, love can still conquer.

In the single “Lust for Life,” Del Rey starts off her song with the lyrics in an echoing whisper, saying, “Climb up the H/ Of the Hollywood sign.”

The verses and chorus of the song blend into each other, ultimately producing an anthemic feel when the two singers repeat the lines: “And a lust for life/ Keeps us alive.”

A promo-trailer for “Lust for Life” centers around the album’s futuristic-like concept, which, as stated by Del Rey, directly corresponds to the political tensions that the world is facing and how the singer responds to them.

In the trailer, Del Rey is depicted as a hologram who lives in the middle of the “H” in the Hollywood sign.

She starts off her monologue amid a gloomy atmosphere, which alludes to the turmoil the world is facing.

Del Rey states in her promo that she was writing her songs amid a chaotic time. She believes that her new album is a vision of what she can give to her fans.

“Now when the world is in the middle of such a tumultuous period, I find I really need to take the space for myself, far away from real life, to consider what my contribution to this world should be in these dark times,” Del Rey says in the album’s trailer.

In the video, Del Rey sports the logos of some of the artists who will be featured in her album. In addition to The Weeknd, the album also will include Sean Lennon.

The album’s cover art that Del Rey shared on April 11 deviated from her regular brooding images that were present on her previous album covers, such as “Born to Die” and “Ultraviolence.”

In a BBC Radio 2 interview, Del Rey stated that toward the beginning of her album when she had just started recording, she had assumed that “Lust for Life” would mostly incorporate what she described as a 1950s/1960s mood.

But this changed amidst the heated political events that occurred while she was recording the album.

Del Rey decided that she would adopt a global feeling where her songs would resonate with her more younger audience.

Whatever the case may be, Del Rey is sure to be heading toward the next hit album, citing that “Lust for Life” was different than any of her previous two works.

“I made my first four albums for me,” said Del Rey in an interview, “But this one is for my fans and about where I hope we are all headed.”