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Fall TV shows sure to excite, in 100 words or less

Various Staff Members

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With the countless TV shows being released this Fall, several Californian staffers wanted to share in 100 words or less what shows they are looking forward to the most (or the least) and why. Enjoy.


 The beloved show from 1987 returns to television and even stars the original voice of Donald Duck, Tony Anselmo, as well as David Tennant, Danny Pudi, and more. The hour long special released on YouTube proves that the series is shaping up to be something great. 

– Lee Carney

The Walking Dead

Have you ever watched a show more original or unpredictable? Yes. There’s so many plot twists, ranging anywhere from a character dying to one  surviving…, etc. There are high hopes for season 8 and fans are looking forward to what creator Robert Kirkman has left for us to enjoy. Who doesn’t love a show about zombies but without any zombie screentime?

– Brandon Victoriano

Star Trek Discovery

After 12 long years, this hit sci-fi franchise will return to TV. The show has contributions from Bryan Fuller, who developed  such shows as “Dead Like Me”, “ Pushing Daisies”, and “Hannibal,”and stars “The Walking Dead’s” Sonequa Martin-Green as well as Doug Jones,  Michelle Yeoh, Maulik Pancholy, Wilson Cruz, and Rainn Wilson. The show follows the crew of the star ship Discovery and their involvement in one Klingon’s plan to unite all the klingon houses together.

– Mason Allen

Young Sheldon

This spin off of the show “The Big Bang Theory” follows nine-year-old Sheldon Cooper in his turbulent journey through high school at such a young age. “Young Sheldon” premieres soon, beginning just as its predecessor ends. its final season. 

– Ilene Morrisette  


Here comes yet another low-budget superhero spinoff TV series that’s going to get cancelled after one season. Prepare to see Marvel take the long-awaited “Inhumans” movie, and butcher it into a watered down teenage hormone-fest. The show premieres on ABC, and will continue to feed on the blind praise of Marvel fanboys. Don’t miss this chance to be disappointed at Marvel’s repetitive incompetence.

– Michael Bahk


After having a shocking season one finale, “Riverdale” will return, but, with a change in the cast. Ross Butler, who plays Reggie, has been replaced by Charles Melton. Season 2 will be coming out with 22 episodes, almost double of last season’s 13. The drama revolving Archie, his love triangle with Betty and Veronica, and father Fred Andrew’s incident will resume this season. 

– Haia Haidari

Designated Survivor

After the capital is destroyed by a terrorist group during the state of the union, the HUD Secretary becomes president as the only survivor of the previous cabinet. Kiefer Sutherland returns in his role as President Tom Kirkman, who is fighting a homegrown American terrorist/revolutionary group.

– Michael Barry

Mr. Robot

This series follows the mysterious and socially inept Elliot, played by Rami Malek, and his recruitment by an anarchist, known as Mr. Robot, played by Christian Slater. 

Their New York-based team of hackitvists, known as “f-society,” fights fraud and injustice in their unjustly capitalistic society where big corporations retain all the power over their society. After lots of critical acclaim, “Mr. Robot” will enter its third season on Oct. 11. 

– Neha Kaul

Bojack Horseman

Saddle up and prepare yourself for Season 4 of your favorite alcoholic half-man half-horse, Bojack Horseman.

Follow this 13-episode season to further uncover the many layers of a ’90s sitcom star struggling to resist fading away. Each episode is packed with puns and celebrity cameos to satisfy your need for sneak disses on celebrities and the entertainment industry, while keeping the light-hearted animated cartoon element.

What happens when a once loved actor struggling with depression and a verbally abused past learns he has a daughter and his mother is facing her last days with dementia? We’ll find out this season.

– Iris Kang

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Fall TV shows sure to excite, in 100 words or less