Which animated show would you live in?

Name: Mason Allen

Position: Staff Writer

Show: “Futurama”

In the year 3000, people regularly live to the age of 160, characters can make it from the earth to the moon in only a couple of seconds and all your favorite celebrities are permanently preserved as heads at a local museum. 

This is way more interesting than today’s museums. But that’s not all. In this future there are all kinds of different and interesting people you can meet, some who are not even human. 

From robots who run on alcohol to mutant cyclops to lobster alien monsters to Jamaican Olympic limboing champions, the future definitely has a lot of interesting people. 

Plus, the problem of global warming is solved by moving Earth further from the sun, and an extra week is added the year (robot party week). 

So if you need me I’ll probably either be at the amusement park on the moon or chilling on the nude beach planet 372 days a year.

Name: Brandon Victoriano

Position: Staff Writer 

Show: “Pokémon ”

What is there to say about this topic hasn’t already been said? I mean, who doesn’t want to go off at 10 years old and explore the world fighting corrupt organizations with talking radishes and turtles with shotguns? 

No, the real reason I want to live in the Pokémon universe is because of the food. Hell, I wanna try some Tor-chicken nuggets or maybe some Tepig bacon. I  could also use a helping of sunny side up Exeggcute. 

The Pokémon universe has a vast menu for all kinds of consumers. Vegetarian? No problem! 

They even have fruit Pokémon  consisting of cherries, plums, and pineapples! 

Junkie? There are endless amounts of shroom Pokémon happy enough to give you some of their powder. They even have floating ice cream and cotton candy as a Pokémon ! 

All I’m saying is; haven’t you ever wondered what barbecued dragon taste like?

Name: Illene Morrisette

Position: A&E Editor

Show: “Avatar: The Last Airbender”

The best animated show to live in would be “Avatar: The Last Airbender.” 

Who wouldn’t want to live in a world where a majority of the population has the ability to control the elements?

If you were a firebender, you would never be cold, and your gas bill would be significantly lower because you never have to use the stove. The reason? You you are the stove. 

If you were an earthbender, you could just build your own house with a couple fancy moves and stamps of the foot. 

If you were a waterbender, you could make  a fortune performing water shows, and if you were an airbender, you could “fly” or be the personalized fan for all of your friends trying to get wind-blown hair in all their Instagrams. 

Imagine all the cool animals hybrids you could befriend, like a flying bison, platypus bear, or a badger mole. 

Need I say more?   

Name: Emma Hall

Position: Managing Editor Show: “Tsum Tsum Kingdom”

It was Aug. 6. I was on the worst plane ride of my life thanks to the lovely Virgin Airlines. The flight was only about two hours long, so if you have ever flown for a longer time period, I’m sorry but I’m a wuss.

During the plane ride I faced nauseating turbulence and the bright light of 50 TV screens on the back of each seat. I had the largest headache and was lost in my own boredom. Then I saw it. 

Although it is probably made for toddlers, “Tsum Tsum Kingdom” is a wonderful place filled with plush Disney characters having wholesome adventures. It is definitely a place I would want to live in. 

I would watch as Mickey and pals have a sugary cupcake fight, or a train conductor Donald fall asleep while driving. 

Sounds pretty awesome chill, right?