Cal’s holiday generosity shines

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In the midst of the holiday season, Cal High and its leadership students are running a toy drive for Wilson Elementary School in San Leandro.

Growing up in a privileged area such as San Ramon is often taken for granted by many students. This toy drive, however, allows students to be grateful for what they have and give back to a disadvantaged community.

Leadership usually works on organizing events for our community members, especially within our school. 

They hold fundraisers for our class programs and events, and set up fun and informative experiences to enrich the lives of students, staff, and family.

But helping other people outside of our immediate community is just as rewarding. Students help organize annual programs raising money for young cancer patients and causes like hurricane relief.

It spurs and influences thankfulness campus wide which is beneficial for both communities involved.

Knowing that a small book or a power ranger toy can make a child’s day is all the more inspiration to donate.

Sometimes our campus is too caught up in our own issues, that sometimes we forget the value of helping those whose issues are much more detrimental. Rather than worrying about having the newest technology or something flashy to impress their peers, these children would be grateful to receive just one toy for the holidays.

Leadership is hoping for around 462 toys to be donated to Wilson Elementary, amounting to one toy per child. 

Cal High is no stranger to donating back with several events that were held in the past like the annual One Warm Coat Drive and Blood Drive. These patterns and emphasis of donating may lead to more grateful and selfless students on campus. 

It’s important to remember that donation and fundraiser events aren’t the only way Cal can help less fortunate communities. Rather than simply commending ourselves for this toy drive, it is essential that we take this as a stepping stone to further community awareness and generosity.