Trump not presidential

The United States has had 43 presidents over the past 239 years. Many of these presidents have several traits in common. 

All presidents attended prestigious schools, all but one were white, and almost all had previous experience in politics. 

Donald Trump is breaking this mold. With no political experience and unconventional practices, he is redefining what we expect a president to act like.

While many are appalled by Trump’s untrained, brash manner of conducting his duties as president, several people have championed the idea of a similarly inexperienced candidate to run for president.

This trend should not continue.

It is important to note that Trump was known primarily as a celebrity and businessman rather than a politician. With this in mind, it makes sense that his entire presidency is treated more as a reality TV show than a serious administration.

The general movement toward celebrity engagement in politics is apparent and unwise.

One notable recent example is the public’s encouragement for TV star Oprah Winfrey to run for president. Though Winfrey released an official press statement that she has no intention of running for president, the change in public opinion is evident. 

Trump’s presidency leaves the question open as to what kind of people are qualified to run the country. What makes Trump so different from those that have preceded him is how he has addressed controversy and criticism.

Any institution scrutinizing or questioning Trump is usually answered with a snarky response. To name a few, he has called the electoral system rigged because he didn’t win the popular vote, has compared the CIA to Nazis, and continues to label all critical media coverage as fake news.

Trump also has little consideration of the power his words hold as the figurehead of our country. This can be seen in his  numerous, insensitive Twitter rants and attacks against those who oppose his views.

A president with little consideration of the influence his words and actions should not lead the country.  

Great strides have been made in diversifying and redefining the presidential mold – notably with Barack Obama, our first African-American president.

Though this positive progress should not be discounted, the election of a politically inexperienced candidate seems to be a step backwards.

Presidential candidates should appeal to the people while having the experience and maturity needed to run and represent our country. 

If we are to decide upon what kind of person is an ideal candidate for president, it is necessary to find a middle ground.