Your guide to new summer sounds

Joshua Ferrer, Staff Writer

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With summer  just around the corner, this is the time of year that almost all artists release their best music. 

Every summer, artists emerge from musical hibernation to give the public what they need: new summer jams.

Summer bangers usually come out in early spring but don’t hit the radio stations until May or June comes around. 

An album that has been blowing the music charts away and has broken some records is “Beerbongs and Bentleys” by Post Malone. 

This album took the nation by storm and has surpassed Cardi B’s album, “Invasion of Privacy” by more than 100,000 listeners on Spotify.

“Beerbongs and Bentleys” now holds the record for the most played in one week for any album in U.S. history.

This album is not too mainstream right now on the radio, but it is destined to be overplayed in June. 

A new album that listeners have long awaited is Arctic Monkeys’ “Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino.” 

Arctic Monkeys have not released an album since 2013 and active listeners of the English/Indie rock band have been waiting for this album for years. Their last album, “AM,”  was a big hit and swept over England and into U.S charts. 

If you are an active listener in the Indie Rock or Garage Rock  genres, this is an album to look forward to in summer.

A single that has hit America hard is “This is America” by Childish Gambino/Donald Glover. 

This has put the nation on its head with references to what America is like today in Gambino’s eyes and many members of the black community. 

In an interview with the Rolling Stone magazine, Gambino said of his message in the album, ‘This is the bargain that black America has to take, trading our bodies for our expression and freedom.”

The rap and pop music industry is in for a treat with Drake’s new album, “Scorpion.” His singles “God’s Plan” and “Nice for What” have taken over the nation’s social media as new dances have been introduced and upped the ante for his upcoming album. 

Active listeners have waited for a more upbeat album since Drake’s last one was more intimate with a slower beat. 

The new Panic! At the Disco album, “Pray for the Wicked,” is set to release on June 22, exciting fans of the Pop, Punk, and Alternative Rock genre. 

Hopefully it will be a great successor to its previous album, “Death of a Bachelor,” which was a huge hit around the nation and put Panic! At the Disco on the map. 

Lead singer and front man of the band “Brendon Urie” teased two of the songs on the album “Say Amen” and “Silver Lining,” which made the top 10 on the iTunes charts and Spotify’s most played list as well. 

Listeners will just have to wait and see what this American rock band has in store for summer.