It’s Oscar baiting time: do it for the tropes

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It’s Oscar baiting time: do it for the tropes

Irene Kao, Staff Writer

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Nowadays, it seems that many movies that are released this time of year are made just to win an Oscar.

The question is whether these movies are being made for the sake of art or if they are created to win awards.

Oscar baiting is an industry all by itself. Even getting a single Oscar nomination raisesbox of ce success and is overallgood for business.

Movies in general are prod- ucts made for public consump- tion, creating something that people hopefully enjoy whilegenerating mass pro t. Thesemovies are still art regardless.

It takes a huge collabora- tion of people and man hoursto complete a lm, spanning months to years to create a lmof high quality and innovative technique.

It’ll never come into question whether they care about thelms they work on.

The painstaking effort andcare it takes to complete a lm

shines through even when it’s full of tropes and cliches to trick the Oscars for a nomination.

For 2018, “Bohemian Rhap-sody” is new lm in a longlineup of Oscar bait movies ready to get all the nominations.

The movie is about musical legend Freddie Mercury and Queen, following their amazing music through the decades.

It hits a lot of Oscar bait tropes such as the sad LGBTQ+ man, the sad British man, a true life story, and period piece.

Taking these tropes does not negate this as a bad movie.

Cliches and tropes are often in Oscar bait movies, but it forceslm makers to be more creativewith these tropes to push thestandard of higher quality lm.

There’s an obvious trend that Oscars tend to lean on but it seems “Bohemian Rhapsody” will push cinema forward to the future than drag it back.

The true life story trope for one is always an impressive entry. It’s a gripping retelling of an impossible story.

But on the other hand, you can get the soft retelling of an otherwise interesting story but as a family friendly non-threat-ening uff movie purely for theOscar nomination.

“Black Panther” is another movie that’s on the roster for Oscar nominations and an anticipated contender for Best Picture for being a cultural mar- vel and a pinnacle for black and female representation.

It’s also another represen- tation of a highly produced product made by a multi-billion dollar company with their end- game to make as much money as possible and succeeded.

It’s also questionable if these movies are being nominated only because of the backlash that the Academy has received in the past years for its discrim- ination. The Academy may just be trying to please the masses and restore credibility to makeup for their dismissal of lmsthat were either made by or fea- tured people of color or women.

People are simply viewing ‘Black Panther” as the “popular movie” without acknowledgingthe lm’s importance as a cultur- al and visual milestone.

Although these tropes are often eye-rolling and over done, I’m always pleasantly surprisedby how these lms will evolveand innovate the medium.